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Create Ad Display Options (Call Extensions)

'Call Extensions' will display phone numbers at the bottom of the ads. It can make a call by tap the displayed number on Smartphone.
An improvement in advertising effect can be expected using this feature for acquiring user registration or inquiries on phone call.

Call Extensions sample:

Sample: Displaying Call Extensions and other Ad Display Option


The overview and detail information of Ad Display Option (QuickLinks, Call Extensions and Callout) is available below.
What is Ad Display Options

The process of creating new Call Extension is outlined as follows.

Create Call Extension

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Administration] tab.
  3. Select the target account on the Account List.
  4. Click the "Ad Display Options" from “Select Items” , then select the Call Extensions.
  5. Click the [Option List] sub-tab, then click the [+Create Options] button.
    * 'Create one' is for creating one by one, 'Create in bulk' is for creating multiple options at one time.
  6. The dialog 'Create Call Extension' appears. Steps are thus below.

< How to Create a Call Extension one by one >

  1. Enter a phone number with half-degits.
  2. Enter schedule.

    Click "Add Setting (Schedule)" to enter start and end date for Call Extensions. As default setting, start and end date is not set.
    Select a radio button besides the date entry field, then enter the date, or click the calendar icon to specify start and end date for Call Extensions.
    You can specify "Not set" for starting, or any specific date is available. For ending, you can specify "Not set" or any date. However someday in the past is not available both for start and end date.

  3. Set Targeting setting.

    Day of Week/Hours for Call Extensions are also available. You can setup with the following steps, by 15mins/unit.
    Learn more about details on Day of Week / Hours Targeting

    If you've set start/end date, day of week/hours also on the campaign setting, your Call extensions will be displayed during the common window.
  4. Click the [Create] button.
-Day of week/hours are based on JST.

< How to Create Call Extensions in Bulk >

  1. Enter , phone number (hyphenated), start date, end date, and days of week/hours devided by tab.
  2. Click the [Create] button.

Required detail for items

  Item name Required descriptions


Phone number Required with the reguration of Ad Insertion Rules
2 Start date Optional
  • separated by slush '/'
  • in half-digits
    example: 2013/1/1 , 2013/11/11
3 End date Optional
4 Day of Week/Hours Optional Day of Week: Start with capital alphabet
Hours: 24 hour-cycle type, by 15 min./unit
  • in half-digits
  • example: (separated by semi-colon ';')
    (Monday[9:00-18:15]); (Tuesday[10:45-18:00])

How to separate by tab

 - To setup all items:
   Phone number(tab)Start Date(tab)End Date(tab)Day of Week/Hours
 - If you skip any of the items (ex. do not set End Date)
   Phone number(tab)Start Date(tab)(tab)Day of Week/Hours


0120-×××-××2 20××/1/1 20××/12/31  (Monday[9:00-18:00]) ;(Sunday[9:00-18:00])
0120-×××-××3 20××/1/1   (Monday[9:00-18:00]) ;(Sunday[9:00-18:00])

Any numbers starting with the prefixes below are available for Call Extensions.
*Toll-free (0120, 0800), Navidial (0570), IP phone (050), Carrier selection code (0066-9) or area code.
  • International number is not supported, Japan domestic number only.
  • Call Extensions are displayed only on smartphone, not for PC or Tablet.

The Guideline for creating Call Extensions are available on the following pages:
Ch.10 Rules for Using Call Extensions -4. Call Extensions
Ad Specifications for Call Extensions

To display created Call Extensions, setup to campaign or ad group is required.
Learn more details on following help topic.
Setup of Ad Display Option