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Create ad display options (call extensions)

Call extensions let you add phone numbers to your ads. People can directly call you by tapping the number on smartphones, so you can expect more calls from potential customers.

Sample ad with a call extension

Sample ad with a call extension and category text

Learn more about Ad Display Option (QuickLinks, Call Extensions and Callout).

How to create a call extension

  1. Click the "Search Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the "Administration" tab.
  3. Select the target account on the Account List.
  4. Click the "Ad Display Options" from “Select Items,”, then select the Call Extensions.
  5. Click the "Option List" sub-tab, then click the "+Create Options" button.
    *To add multiple call extensions at once, click "Create in bulk."
  6. The "Create Call Extension" dialog appears. 

< How to Create a Call Extension one by one >

  1. Enter a phone number with half-digits.
  2. Enter schedule.

    Click "Add Setting (Schedule)" to enter the start and end date for call extensions. As a default, the start and end dates aren't set.
    Select a radio button by the date field, then enter the date or click the calendar icon to specify the start and end dates.
    You can select "Not set" or specify a date. The past dates aren't available for both start and end dates.

  3. Set targeting settings.

    Day of Week/Hours targeting for call extensions are available. Learn more about Day of Week / Hours Targeting.

    When you have time targeting for the call extensions while setting delivery time for the campaign (start date, end date, day of week/hours), call extensions deliver at the time that is common between the targeting and settings.
  4. Click the "Create" button.
"Day of week/hours" is based on the Japan standard time.

< How to Create Call Extensions in Bulk >

  1. Enter a phone number (use dashes to separate numbers), start date, end date, and days of week/hours divided by tabs.
  2. Click the "Create" button.

Required detail for items

 Item nameRequired


Phone numberRequiredFollow Ad Insertion Rules
2Start dateOptional
  • Separate year, month, day by slashes (/).
  • Enter using half-width characters
3End dateOptional
4Day of Week/HoursOptionalDay of week: start with an upper case letter.
Hours: 24 hours in a unit of 15 minutes.
  • Enter using half-width characters
  • Enter using the following format. To enter multiple options, separate them by semi-colons (;).
    Example: (Monday[9:00-18:15]); (Tuesday[10:45-18:00])

How to separate by tabs

 - When you set up all items
   Phone number(tab)Start Date(tab)End Date(tab)Day of Week/Hours
 - When you set up required items (example: without end date)
   Phone number(tab)Start Date(tab)(tab)Day of Week/Hours


0120-×××-××2 20××/1/1 20××/12/31  (Monday[9:00-18:00]) ;(Sunday[9:00-18:00])
0120-×××-××3 20××/1/1   (Monday[9:00-18:00]) ;(Sunday[9:00-18:00])
*Each item is separated by tabs.

Check the Insertion Rules "Ad Specifications for Call Extensions" for details of valid phone numbers. It will be an error when you enter any unavailable phone number.
  • The international numbers aren't supported, use Japan domestic numbers.
  • Call extensions are only available on smartphones, not for PC or tablets.

The Guideline for creating Call Extensions are available on the following pages:
Ch.10 Rules for Using Call Extensions -4. Call Extensions
Ad Specifications for Call Extensions

To show call extensions, you need to associate them to campaigns or ad groups.
Learn more about Setup of Ad Display Option.

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