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Auto Bidding type "Maximize Clicks"

"Maximize Clicks" will automatically adjust the bid within your budget according to the Campaign Daily Budget to maximize clicks. Learn about details with the following description.

Best practice
How it works
Combination with other bidding

  • Best practice
    Maximize the number of access to your website via ads.
  • Get more traffic for special campaign and seasonal sales.
  • Build brand awareness of your service or products.
  • How it works
    • Keywords that has manual bidding in the campaign spend the budget prior to the auto-bidding. The rest of budget is adjusted in order to maximize clicks in the daily budget.
    • The bid adjusts real-time when an ad auction takes place.
  • Combination with other bidding
    When using auto bidding type "Maximize Clicks" and other bid adjustments for targetings (device, geographic, target list) at the same time, the bid set for auto bidding is adjusted. 


Set following items for "maximize clicks." 
For the set-up steps, refer to Create Portfolio bidding in advance.

  • Auto Bidding Name (required)
    Enter the name to be identified. You can't use same name in your account.
  • Bid Limit
    To prevent bid to raise too high, you can set the limit. Enter from 1 to 80,000 JPY. When the "Bid Limit" is not set, the bid is automatically adjusted to get as many clicks as possible within the campaign daily budget.
When you set auto-bidding and bid adjustment rate for each targeting, adjusted bid may exceed the "Bid Limit."