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Auto bidding type "Target CPA"

Auto bidding type "Target CPA" will automatically adjust the bid, in order to maximize conversions, keeping the average CPA at your target level.
With standard bidding, the auto bidding type "Target CPA" can be set as an option of "Maximize conversions."

After September 27, 2021, when setting "Target CPA" as an option of "Maximize conversions," "Maximize conversions (Target CPA)" will be shown on the "bidding method" field of the campaign list view.
And the target value can be checked on the list views. However, the item on the performance report shows "Maximize conversions" regardless of the optional setting. You can check whether it is with or without an optional setting on the list views.

Learn about details of "Target CPA" with the following descriptions.

Objective suitable
Bid adjustment process
Combination with other bids
Set items


Objective suitable
To increase conversions, keep the average CPA at the target level.

Example :
  • Although Target CPA has been determined, you want to adjust the bid amount to some extent.
  • Target CPA has been determined.
    Since ad delivery is available with setting Target CPA, you are able to improve campaign management by reviewing the achievement state of the campaign goal.

Bid adjustment process

  • The best CPA value will be calculated based on the historical setting information of the campaign. And several real-time information such as devices/browsers/location/hours will also help the process of bid adjustment within the bid limitation every time when ad auction occurs.
  • When the Target List of Site Retargeting is enabled for the ad group with the auto bidding setting, the bid adjustment will be processed considering whether the user is on the target list or not.
  • The individual CPA may exceed or dip from the target value, however, it will be adjusted to be equivalent to the target value of the target CPA entirely.
  • Target CPA can be set on the campaign and ad group levels. If you don't set individual targets for your ad group, the target set in the campaign's bidding will be applied.

Combination with other bids
If Bid Adjustment for each device is set with the auto bidding type "Target CPA," the bid adjustment will be applied to "Target CPA." Bid Adjustments set other than device targeting will not be applied. Targeting settings themselves are valid.

When you set auto bidding with "Target CPA" for your campaign or ad group, it requires you to meet certain conditions.
Learn more about Requirements for auto bidding settings

Setting items

The items required to set "Target CPA" are thus below.

■Standard bidding

  • Target CPA (required)
    Enter the target value of the average cost per conversion. Set within the range of 1 to 800,000 yen.

■Portfolio bidding

  • Auto Bidding Name (required)
    Enter the name to specify the auto bidding. It needs to be a unique name in the account.
  • Target CPA (required)
    Enter your target level of the average cost per conversion within the range of 1 JPY to 800,000 JPY.
  • Types of bid limit
    You can specify both values of the upper and lower limit. In order to maximize the effect of the auto bidding, we will recommend not to enable both limits.
  • Bid upper limit
    Select either option.
    – Do not set Bid Limit (recommended): means do not set the max bid
    – Set Bid Limit: set the max bid between 1JPY to 80,000 JPY.
  • Bid lower limit
    Select either option.
    – Do not set Bid Lower Limit (recommended): means do not set the bid floor
    – Set Lower Bid Limit: set the min bid between 1PY to 80,000 JPY.
We recommend you not to change the auto bidding type for about two weeks once you specify because it requires time for the effect of the auto bidding to appear.

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