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Auto Bidding type 'Enhanced CPC'

The auto bidding type "Enhanced CPC" automatically adjusts bid
to maximize conversions based on the bid manually set. Learn about details with the following description.

Purpose suitable
Bid adjustment process
Combination with other settings

  • For details on bidding settings of 'Enhanced CPC', see the following help page.
    Bidding setting on Campaigns
  • Auto bidding type: Enhanced CPC adjusts a bid amount according to the possibility of conversions based on the bid manually set. Whereas the auto bidding type “Maximize conversions” automatically adjusts the bid to maximize conversions within Campaign daily budget. The two features are different.
    Learn more about the details on 'Maximize Conversions' in the following help page.
    Auto Bidding Type ‘Maximize Conversions’
  • Purpose suitable
    Maximize conversions (purchasing product/service, application/sign-up to service, document request,etc.,) via ads.
  • Bid adjustment process
    - When an ad auction occurs on the platform, the system will calculate the possibility of conversion based on the real-time information such as devices/browsers/locations/hours.
    If the possibility for conversion looks higher, bid adjustment system will raise the bid price (without any limit).
    If the possibility for conversion looks not so much, the system will drop the bid. (no lower limit)
    - When starting auto bidding, the system will make bid adjustment for 50% of ad delivery opportunity, and then the rate of adjustment will be considered by outcome.
    - When the Target List of Site Retargeting is enabled for the ad group with Auto Bidding setting, the bid adjustment will be processed considering the user is on the Target List or not.
    There is no limit to raise the bid price for the case of higher possibility for conversion. Therefore, The campaign daily budget may be spent earlier than predicted when auto bidding type “Maximize Conversions” is used.
  • Combination with other settings
    -When Auto Bidding type 'Enhanced CPC' is set with any of the Targetings such as 'Device', 'Geographic', and 'Target list' the bid adjustment is applied to the bid set for Auto Bidding.
    - When you have select any of ‘Target CPA’, ‘Target ROAS’ or ‘Enhanced CPC’, please make sure the following points.
    _> Set one or more options of ‘for Auto Bidding’ as ‘Include’ for Conversion settings which is appropriate for the campaign.

    _> If you set the option ‘for Auto Bidding’ as ‘Exclude’, the number of conversions of your ads may not increase or your ads may not be displayed for users, because of an accuracy issue on auto bidding.
  • Remarks
    "Maximize Conversions" is not supported for the Campaign for Mobile App Download.