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Analytics on Ad Display Option

The "Analytics" sub-tab for Ad Display Option provides statistics by each Ad Display Option.

  • When you delete campaigns or ad groups setup with Ad Display Option, impressions during the specified period cannot be reviewed on the statistics.
  • When you've already delete the Ad Display Option or when there's no impressions, the statistics is not been seen.
  • The data for deleted campaign/ad group or the data for deleted Ad Display Option will be available on the performance reports.

How to review Statistics for Ad Display Option

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab from the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Administration] tab.
  3. Select the target account on the Account List.
  4. Click the "Ad Display Options" from “Select Items” , then select the QuickLinks or Call Extensions.
  5. Click the "Analytics" tab.
  6. Click the [Display] , then select "Display by". [more details]
  7. Click the [Display] button to edit display items, and select "Edit Display Items" [more details]

6. 'Display by' for Statistics data items. [Back to Step6]

<Default settings of Statistics>
As a default appearance, total number of QuickLinks, Call Extensions and mainly displayed ads,
which are displayed when the Ad Display Option appears, will be seen on your screen.

<'Click Type' for Display by>
When you select 'Click Type' on the 'Display by', data will be seen divided by each Click Type.
* "Click Type" is the data which shows where search users click on, broken down to Ad Display Options (QuickLinks and Call Extensions) and mainly displayed ads.

<'Is Self Action' for Display by>
You can select 'Is Self Action' to show the specific data of selected Ad Display Option.
"This extension" shows the relevant data of the Ad Display Option.
"Other" shows the Ad Display Option data other than "Is Self Action", and original Ad data.

7. Click [Display] in the center of the screen, then click "Edit Display Items".[Back to Step7]

(1) Edit Display Items
"Select Items" to select the items to display in the Ad Display Opsion list.

  • When you click the "[-]Default & Optional Items Displayed" , the "Select Items Displayed" box is hidden.
    You can click "[+]Default & Optional Items Displayed" to make it visible again.
  • Disable the checkboxes for those items you do not want to display.
  • To add all items in bulk, enable the checkboxes on the left of the "Default Items" and "Optional Items".
    Disable them to release all items.
  • By default, the "Default Items" can be seen.
  • When an Ad Display Option setup to multiple campaigns or ad groups, statistics will be devided by each items if you select 'campaign name', 'campaign ID', 'ad group name' or 'ad group ID' on the "Optional Items" culumn.

(2) Sort Display Items
"Sort Items Displayed" can be used to change the order of items set as display items.
To change the sorting order, drag the item concerned to the intended position, then release
it (drag and drop).
To restore the sorting order of items to defaults, click "Back to Default Order".
Click the "Restore Default Settings" to restore selected items displayed or the sorting order
to the default. (The items and the order are restored at a time.)