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Create Ad Display Options (Callout)

"Callout" enables you to put additional text to the title or description to describe your product or service. These additional information will help to increase CTR on your ads. With period setting for callout, you can set various information text for each day or each month without changes of title/description.

Sample of Callout in Japanese ad

Sample of Callout with other ad display option in Japanese ad

The process of creating new Callout option is outlined as follows.
Overview of Ad Display Option is available on the following help topic:
What is Ad Display Options

Create Callout option

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Administration] tab.
  3. Select the target account on the Account List.
    Select the target account
  4. Click the “Ad Display Options” from “Select Items” , then select the Callout.
  5. Click the [Option List] sub-tab, then click the [+Create Options] button.
    * ‘Create one’ is for creating one by one, ‘Create in bulk’ is for creating multiple options at one time.
    Create options
  6. The dialog ‘Create Callout’ appears. Steps are thus below.
    Create one
    Create in bulk

Create Callout by 'Create one'

  1. Enter the text to add.
    Max length of the text is 25 characters.
    *It counts full-width character and half-width kana character as 2, and half-width alpha numerics as 1 character.
  2. Select a Target Device.
    *Once you enable the checkbox, the text of the callout option will be delivered to smartphone device preferentially.
  3. Enter schedule. [more details]
  4. Set location targeting. [more details]
  5. Click the [Create] button.
    Create Callout

3.Enter Schedule

Enter start and end date for Callout option. You can specify “Not set” for starting, or any specific date is available. For ending, you can specify “Not set” or any date. However someday in the past is not available both for start and end date.
As default setting, start and end date is not set.

<  Set Start and End Date for Call Extensions >

  1. Click “Add Setting (Schedule)”.
  2. Select a radio button besides the date entry field, then enter the date, or click the calendar icon to specify start and end date for Callout option.

4.Set Targeting

Day of Week/Hours for Callout option are also available. You can setup with the following steps, by 15mins/unit.

  • Do not set (do not specify any day of week/hours): no limit on day of week/hours
  • Set (display ads during the specified day of week/hours): Specify any day of week/hours to display your ads. Instruction in detail can be seen on the table.

(Table left)

Add or edit days of week/hours with “Add new setting” or “Setting” for each day.
To edit hours, click the “Setting” for each day. To add setting, click the “Add new setting” button on the left table.
Or click the “Add” link which appears when you put your mouse pointer over on the no-colored window of hours.
On the add setting page, you can add or edit the target day of week/hours.
Click the “Delete” link to delete the existing settings, and click the “OK” button if you are OK to delete those settings.

(Table right)

Current target day of week/hours for ad display are colored in light blue.
The hours without color means that your ads will not be displayed during those hours/days.
As a default, all hours are colored, i.e. your ads will be displayed anytime without limit of days/week.

  • If you’ve set start/end date, day of week/hours also on the campaign setting, your ad display option will be displayed during the common window.
  • Day of week/hours are based on JST.
  • Even though multiple Callouts are link to a campaign or an ad group, no common window for displaying ads and active Callouts exits less than 2, your Callouts will not be displayed because there is not enough links for Callouts. Note that Call Extension will be displayed if only 1 link exists.
  • When you wish to deliver ads with Callout for Smartphone devices with priority, two or more Callouts with checkbox enabled for Smartphone-prioritized need to be setup to a campaign or an ad group. Note that even if you set a Callout for Smartphone-priorized, the Callout may be displayed for PC/Tablet.
    Learn about how to setup Ad Display Option to campaign and ad group, see the following help topic.
    Set up Ad Display Option


Create Callout by 'Create in bulk'

  1. Enter setting items for callout feature, one per line, divided by tab.
  2. Create [Create] button.
    Create callouts in bulk

Required detail for items

  Item name Required descriptions how to count characters
1 Text to be displayed Required Within 25 characters Counting a full-width and a half-width character as 2, and a half-width alpha-numeric as 1.
2 Focus Device Optional Enter any of the following information:
-"no priority" or blank
*"no priority" and blank are considered same meaning on this item.



Start date Optional
  • delimited by slush ‘/’
  • in half-digits
    example: 2017/1/1 , 2013/11/11
4 End date Optional
5 Day of Week/Hours OptionalOptional Day of Week: Start with capital alphabet
Hours: 24hour-cycle type, by 15mins/unit
  • in half-digits
  • example: (delimited by semi-colon ‘;’)
    (Monday[9:00-18:15]); (Tuesday[10:45-18:00])


How to tab-delimitted
– To setup all items:

Text(tab)Focus Device(tab)Start Date(tab)End Date(tab)Day of Week/Hours
New Smartphone 2000/1/1 2000/12/31 (Monday[9:00-18:00]) ;(Sunday[9:00-18:00])
*Note, tab delimited.

– If you skip any of the items (ex. do not set End Date)
Text(tab)Focus Device(tab)Start Date(tab)(tab)Day of Week/Hours
New Smartphone 2000/1/1  (Monday[9:00-18:00]) ;(Sunday[9:00-18:00]
*Note, tab delimited.

The Guideline for creating Callouts are available on the following pages:
10. Specific Standards for certain Ad Products and Features
Callout Options

To display Callout on  your ads, you need to setup the created Callout to campaign or ad group. Two or more Callouts need to be setup to a campaign or an ad group.
Learn about how to setup Ad Display Option to campaign and ad group, see the following help topic.

Set up Ad Display Option