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Can I setup Multiple Conversions Tag ?

Up to 1,000 Conversion tags can be set, including all three types: Web page, telephone call, and App download, on your Search Ads Account.

Please make sure the following setting procedure and edit settings
New Conversion Tag settings for Web
New Conversion Tag settings for Click-to-Call
New Conversion Settings for App Download


  • Admin or Edit role is required for new conversion tag setting on Search Ads.
  • You are also able to use “Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager” to install new conversion tags for each Account, and it can manage those multiple conversion tags as a common tag (a.k.a. “Yahoo! JAPAN Universal tag”). More details and user information are available on the following official website and help pages (in Japanese edition).
    Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager officilal website
    Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager Help page