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Check Auto Bidding Setting List

You can check the "Portfolio Bidding List" made in each account on the Campaign Editor.

  • 'Bidding' is an item to select how keyword bid is decided.
    For details on bidding settings see the following help page.
    Bidding setting on Campaigns
  • Portfolio Bidding is available by each campaign.

Learn more about Auto Bidding setting on the following help page.
Auto Bidding setting

You cannot change Portfolio biddings on Campaign Editor, you can only setup Portfolio biddings to campaigns. To change Portfolio biddings use Campaign Management Tool. See the following help page to create new Porfolio biddings.
Create Portfolio bidding in advance

Check Auto Bidding Setting List

  1. Click the [Common Library] tab.
  2. Click the [Portfolio Bidding] tab.
  3. The list of existing Auto Bidding setting of the account can be seen on the Data Area.
    On the list, you can narrow down the listed items by search feature.
    Search data item