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Yahoo! JAPAN Ads Help

Yahoo! JAPAN Ads crawler

To provide suitable advertising services, Yahoo! JAPAN Ads uses a crawler for the purpose of editorial review of advertisers' sites.

When an ad is submitted, the editorial review crawls through the pages and web sites linked to the ad to review their content.

The user agent and IP address range for the Search Ads crawler are as follows.
[User agents]
・Y!J-BRJ/YATS crawler
・Y!J-BRY/YATSH crawler
・Y!J-BRZ/YATSHA crawler

[Checking IP address]

The range of IP addresses used by the crawler is subject to change. Follow the steps below to check whether Yahoo! JAPAN crawler is accessing your website or not.
1. Your site administrator checks the IP address from the access log to your site.
Use the following command to check if it is accessed from “”.

Example: When checking the IP address ""
  $ host domain name pointer

2. Get the original IP address from the domain name that you checked in the step 1.
When you can get the original IP address by executing the following command, you can confirm that the IP address logged in the access log is that of Yahoo! JAPAN.

Example: When the IP address where the access was recorded is "" and its domain is “”
  $ host has address

*The crawler is scheduled to automatically fetch websites, mainly for the purpose of systematic web indexing. The crawler system should have a name of "User agent" which is used when it access to websites.