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Add Negative Keywords

You can add Negative Keywords with the following steps on the Campaign Editor.
Negative Keywords

The process will be completed when the information entered or revised on the Campaign Editor is synchronized to the data stored on the Campaign Management Tool once after uploaded from the Campaign Editor.
Learn about how to upload data on the following page.
Upload Data

How to Add Negative Keywords on Campaign Editor

  1. Click the [Keywords] tab.
  2. Click the [Negative Keywords] sub-tab.
  3. Click the [Add Negative Keywords] button.
  4. Select 'to Campaign' or 'to Ad Group' on the pulldown menu.
  5. Enter and configure item.
    add NKW
  6. Select Campaign or Ad Group to add Negative Keyword to.
  7. Enter Negative Keyword to the "Keyword" column.
  8. Select Match Type.
  9. Click the [Add] button. Click the [Continue] button to add Negative Keywords sequentially to other Campaign or Ad Group.
  • You can add Negative Keywords by direct entry on the Data Area.
  • You can edit the Negative Keywords and Match Types for Negative Keywords added on the Campaign Editor but not yet uploaded. Select the Negative Keyword on the Data Area, and edit it in the [Setting] tab at the bottom of the Data Area.