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Structure an easy operating account

In Search Ads, there are several elements for managing ads: accounts, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. The elements are structured in levels and items you can set differs by level.
This page offers tips on how to structure an account that is easy to operate.

Tips on how to structure campaigns and ad groups
Example of account structure

Tips on how to structure campaigns and ad groups

Divide your campaign

In the campaign, you can set “Campaign Daily Budget,” “Targeting (Location, Day of Week / Hours),”and “Schedule (Duration).” To manage your ads by the preceding settings it is useful to separate your campaigns.

Divide your campaign by budget

When you create campaigns by budget, you can manage ads and keywords according to your budget. For example, group of popular keywords to reach more customers with larger budget and group of keywords such as your product name which you can expect to reach with low budget.
You can compare and manage each of your budget easier.

Divide your campaign by targeting (location, day of week/hours)

Create a campaign by each targeting when your promotion differs by each targeting, and you will be able to manage your ads and keywords by promotion.

A pastries shop plans to promote store visits and internet-order of their product throughout Japan. The shop will create the following two campaigns.
  • A campaign to promote store visits by setting location targeting
  • A campaign to promote internet-order without setting location targeting

Divide your campaign by advertising duration

When you want to reach customers for a limited-time sale or an event with a deadline, apart from the products you normally handle, you can create campaigns with a specific schedule and manage your ad delivery schedule.

Divide your ad group

An ad group is an element that groups "keyword" and "ads (test, destination URL, etc)."

Divide your ad group by your item

When you have multiple products, create ad groups for each product and create keywords and ads according to the product.

If you deliver a "beer" ad to an internet user who searched for "red wine," this won't lead to purchase. You need to set keywords and ads related to red wine to the red wine group.

Divide your ad group by your web page category structure

A web page category is usually structured based on the detail of information, this directly corresponds to the depth and specificity of the internet user's information needs.
By creating your ad group by website category structure you can easily manage each category according to its role and strength.

The "Campaign Daily Budget" and "Bid" is calculated based on the daily budget and clicks needed for a day.
Campaign Daily Budget ÷ Daily target clicks = Bid

*"Campaign Daily Budget": Daily budget you can use for Search Ads.
* "Bid": The maximum amount you pay per click (to attract one user).
*If you set the same amount for “Daily budget” and “Bid” you will only get one click per day (attract one user for a day).

Example of account structure

  1. Select the items to categorize the products and services to promote on the advertiser's website, for example, "product," "schedule," and "targeting target."
    Example: A Japanese confectionery online-order site A
    • Items
    • Usage
    • Sale schedule
  2. Create a list of elements based on the categories sorted in step 1.
    Example: A Japanese confectionery online-order site A
    Summer giftMay-AugAssorted jelly
    Summer giftMay-AugAssorted pudding
    Respect-for-the-aged DayAug-SepAssorted jelly
    Respect-for-the-aged DayAug-SepAssorted pudding
    Valentine’s dayJan-FebAssorted chocolate
  3. Sort the elements listed in step 2 by campaign and ad group level.
    Items you can set differs by campaign and ad group. Categorize by checking what you can set on each level.
    Example: A Japanese confectionery online-order site A
    You can set schedules only on campaigns. Create your campaigns by schedule and create ad groups by the product under the campaign.
    CampaignAd group
    Campaign nameScheduleAd group nameItems
    Summer giftMay-AugJellyAssorted jelly
    PuddingAssorted pudding
    Respect-for-the-aged DayAug-SepJellyAssorted jelly
    PuddingAssorted pudding
    Valentine’s dayJan-FebChocolateAssorted chocolate
  4. Set your ads and keywords to campaigns, ad groups you set on step 3 according to the schedule and promotions.
    It is recommended that you consider what you want to promote, and what keywords are most effective in displaying your ad to users who search for them, and list them in advance.
    Example: A Japanese confectionery online-order site A
    Learn more details on account structure on following help page.
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