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Change employee and company information

From the “Preferences” on the right corner top of the Campaign management tool, you can check your employee and company information registered when you signed up with us.

The following page appears when you click "Preferences."

Employee Information
(1) Employee information

Information about a user who has Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID. Language Setting and Manage account access are available.
(2) Company Information 

Information about your company. 

(3) Refund Bank Account Information

For the overseas accounts, registering the refund bank account isn't available. Learn more about How to get a refund.

Change employee and company information

You must have "Administrator permission" to edit “Preferences.”

Follow the procedures below to change the employee and company information displayed in your preferences.

  1. From the right corner top of the Campaign management tool, click the “Preferences.” 
  2. "Employee Information" and "Company Information" appears. Click "Change Registered Information" in the section you want to edit.
  3. On the right side of the information column, click "Edit"
  4. Edit your information and click "Change" at the bottom of the page.
  5. To go back to the Campaign management tool, click “Back to Service.” 


  • When you change your email address, you must confirm it. Check your mailbox and follow the steps in the email.
  • For domestic company: when you change the "Company Name (Furigana)," the payer's name that is required to make a wire transfer is also changed.

* Following help topics instructs how to make changes on Business Manager (Available only in Japanese at this moment).

Change registered information for users (employees)
Change company information
Administrator role