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Change the primary contact

See the following steps to change Primary Contact from Manage account access.

How to change the primary contact

  1. Register the new contact (former contact) from Yahoo! Business Manager.
    Register the new contact from Yahoo! Business Manager. Learn more about How you invite other users in "How to invite users to your account using account access management."
  2. Invite the new account registered in "step 1" to Campaign management tool (Former account)
    Use the “Invite” to account feature to invite the new contact to the account. Learn the steps in "Invite other users to your account."
  3. Accept an invitation to account (New contact)
    The new contact accepts the invitation to the account in "step 2." The new contact accepts the invitation to the account in "step 2." Learn the steps in "Accept or refuse invitation."
  4. Delete the admin access from the former contact if needed (New contact)
    If the former contact won't manage the account, we recommend deleting the admin access. Learn the steps in "Change or remove access to invited users." When you need to delete all access of the user, such as when an employee retires, follow the steps in "Delete all access no longer needed."

Delete all access no longer needed

Only the Tool admin can delete.

  1. Click the "Roles" tab in the Campaign management tool.
  2. Select the account after selecting the service, Display Ads or Search Ads.
  3. Click "Yahoo! JAPAN business manager (employee list)" at the top right.
    The employee list of Yahoo! JAPAN business manager will show.

  4. Click "Change" of the retired employee on the list.
  5. Change the tool access to "None."