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Payment by JCB Business-to-Business Payment Service

The JCB business-to-business payment service allows you to make post-payments by account transfer without requiring a credit card. The service is provided by JCB Co., Ltd. and Yahoo! JAPAN exclusively for business-to-business payments. Details of the service can be referred in the attached PDF file below (Available only in Japanese).

The introduction of B-to-B Payment Service provided by JCB and Yahoo! JAPAN (pdf format, Available only in Japanese)

If you want to apply to use the JCB business-to-business payment service, please visit the following site to obtain an application form and special envelope to complete and return.

-JCB business-to-business payment service application form request site
* Click the above link to visit the JCB web site. (Available only in Japanese)

Personal information entered at the JCB Co., Ltd. web site is collected by JCB and is maintained and used in accordance with the company’s privacy policy (Available only in Japanese). When making your application, please note that Yahoo! JAPAN accepts no responsibility for any problems associated with entry of personal information in the JCB site.