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How to update the amount for automatic payment

This page describes how to update the amount for automatic payments.

The automatic payment makes a payment when your account balance is low. Learn more
The monthly automatic payment runs only once a month.  Learn more
  1. For Search Ads: From the top bar, click Search Ads>Account Balance.
    For Display Ads: From the top bar, click Tools>Payments.
  2. In the Credit card>Automatic charge section, click "Update amount."
  3. Confirm the selected payment method and enter the amount in the "Add to account balance" field.

      • The consumption tax is added automatically, but the overseas accounts will have all amounts as your account balance.
      • The automatic charge runs when the account balance falls below the average cost of five days to keep your ads running. It charges a predetermined amount up to three times a day on your credit card. 
        *If you think three times a day is too much, use "Monthly automatic charge."
      • The average cost is based on the amount spent in the last three days.
      • When you switch from automatic to monthly automatic charge, the automatic charge stops.
      • You can't set up a new monthly automatic charge, stop using it, update the amount, or switch to an automatic charge from 12 to 7 AM on the first day of each month. 
  4. Confirm the agreement, select the checkbox, and click "Continue."

The monthly automatic charge won't run when the account is turned off.

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