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Estimated Consumption Tax

The account balance displayed in the Campaign Management Tool is the paid amount without the estimated consumption tax.
"The estimated consumption tax" is the consumption tax of the click charges that was received from advertisers in advance, and it may be different from the actual tax amount that you find on your invoice. The actual consumption tax is deducted in accordance with the determined click charges.

* The estimated consumption tax not used and remaining in your account balance when the account terminates will be refunded.

Note that if your account has been established via our official agency, the Consumption Tax may not be subtracted from your Account Balance.

The process for using the consumption tax is as follows.

  1. When your payment is applied to your account balance:
    The number displayed in the account balance is the amount without the estimated consumption tax.
    * The“Amount Added to Account Balance” (with tax) will be withdrawn from the credit card in the case of Credit Card Payment. Added tax amount will be reduced as Estimated Consumption Tax, so the displayed amount on the Account Balance would be the entered number of amount on “Amount Added to Account Balance”.
  2. Clicks Charges:
    When a displayed ad is clicked, the click charge is deducted from your account balance, and the actual consumption tax will be deducted from the estimated consumption tax.
Under a change in the law that will take effect on October 1, 2015, the consumption tax applied to electronic services such as digital content distribution, provided to a business outside Japan, will be untaxable.
Upon receiving this legal amendment, following the guideline issued by National Tax Agency of Japan, Yahoo! JAPAN will NOT charge the consumption tax to all businesses outside Japan on or after October 1, 2015.
In line with this, all of Yahoo! JAPAN Ads users outside Japan will be subject to untaxable.