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Change the Conversion Settings

You can change existing conversion settings.

"Admin" or "Edit" role is required to change the setting of conversion analysis on your account.
Learn more on the following help topic:
Mechanism of User/Roles

In the case of the conversion type “app” and when you track conversions at the timing of " App First Open " or " In-App Action,” you can’t edit the setting information. We ended support of the old conversion analytics method.
Check the detail on the release note.


Changing the Conversion Setting

  1. Click the "Search Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the "Tools" tab.
    Or click the "Tools" tab and click the "Conversion Analytics" on Tools List.
  3. Select "Conversions" tab.
  4. Click the conversion name that you want to edit on the "Conversions" page.
  5. Click the "Change Conversion Settings" button on the "Conversion detail" page.
  6. Edit the items on the "Change Conversion Settings" page
    Editable items vary by Conversion Type you selected.
    [Items that can be changed]
    • Conversion Name
    • Conversion Tracking Purpose
    • Status
    • Package Name ( App )
    • Counting Type (Web / Click to Call)
    • for Auto Bidding
    • Counting period (Web / Click to Call)
    • Value per Conversion

    Changing the "Conversion Tracking Purpose" to "Sales promotion" is not available. "Sales promotion" cam be selected only when creating a new conversion analytics.

  7. Click the "Change Conversion Settings" button.
    If "Page Format" or/and "Value per Conversion" is changed, "Change Conversion Settings" will be displayed in the pop-up screen.
    Verify the content and click the "Save and Acquire Tag" button.
    • Even if you specify "Include" for Auto Bidding, using Auto Bidding feature is not mandatory.
    • When you have select any of "Target CPA," "Target ROAS" or "Enhanced CPC," please make sure the following points.
      > Set one or more options of "for Auto Bidding" as "Include" for Conversion settings which is appropriate for the campaign.
      > If you set the option "for Auto Bidding" as "Exclude," the number of conversions of your ads may not increase or your ads may not be displayed for users, because of an accuracy issue on auto bidding.
      Learn more the details of bidding on the page below.
      Bidding setting on Campaigns
    • When you specify "Exclude" for Auto Bidding, the number of "All conv." for campaign and other components but the number of "Conversions" will not be marked.
    • If "Value per Conversion" is changed, then the conversion tag will be changed. Copy the newly issued tag from the "Conversion Tag" field of the "Conversion Details" screen, and replace the conversion tag on the site with the new tag.
    • At the time of conversion tracking for Mobile app download campaigns, you cannot select “Include” (Use conversion for Auto Bidding) for both “Download” and “App First Open” for the same package after January 24, 2018.
      If you had selected both “App Download” and “App First Open” for Auto Bidding settings before January 24, 2018, you can continue using the same settings. However, if you wish to change the conversion settings, it is not possible to use both selections.

For information on how to insert a conversion tag and details about each setting, please refer to the topics below.
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