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Adding Negative Keywords with Match Types

You can add Negative Keywords in bulk by copying and pasting a Keyword list from an Excel sheet or Text editor file. When adding Keywords, you can select Keyword match types as well.

Adding Negative Keywords with Match Types

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab in the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Tools] tab and select "Negative Keyword Tool".
    Or click the [Tools] tab and click the "Negative Keyword Tool" on Tools List.
  3. Click the [Add Negative Keywords] button.
  4. Click "Add Negative Keywords with Match Types" on the Negative Keywords entry field.

    If you click "Back to Normal Input", all entries will be deleted.
  5. Enter the items (Keywords and Match Types) one by one, or copy and paste the items from your spreadsheet in Excel or Text Editor format into the entry field. [more details]
  6. Click [Add] button.

5. Enter the items

  • Tab-separated entry
    Exact Match    gift
    Phrase Match   present
    Broad Match    celebration
  • Comma-separated entry
    Exact Match,gift
    Phrase Match,present
    Broad Match,celebration
  • Enter or paste 1 Negative Keyword per line. Please separate items with a tab or "," (comma). Items will be automatically separated by tab when pasting from Excel sheet.
  • The limit for Negative Keywords is 5,000 per Campaign and 2,000 per Ad Group (including Keywords).
  • You can only add up to 100 Negative Keywords at once. The number of Keywords entered will be displayed on the bottom left of the entry field.
  • The entered contexts will be removed if you click "Back to Normal Input" during your entry.
The tool "Negative Keyword List" provides creating and managing multiple negative keywords in a list. Created negative keyword list can be setup to multiple campaign within the account.
Negative Keyword List