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About the requirements for each autobidding setting

To use autobidding type "Maximize conversions," "Target CPA" and "Target ROAS," you must set up conversion tracking.

Learn more about Conversion Analytics.

  • When selecting autobidding (except for "Maimixe clicks") and "Enhanced CPC," set one or more autobidding options as "Include" for conversion settings that fit your campaign. If you set all options for autobidding as "Exclude," the number of conversions may not increase, or your audience may not see your ads because of inaccuracies in the autobidding.
  • If your campaign doesn't get a certain number of conversions within 30 days after setting up "Target ROAS," the accuracy of autobidding will decline because of not getting enough data.
  • You may be able to create a new portfolio bidding setting even though there was an error while setting up the autobidding.
The campaign doesn't need conversions when you set up the conversion tracking. "Maximize conversions," and "Target CPA" will work more accurately for campaigns that have constant conversions.

The Use of "Target ROAS"

To use the "Target ROAS" option, specify "Value per conv." when getting a conversion tag. By specifying "Value per conv.," you can expect accurate autobidding.
The best practice is to specify "Value per conv." then use "Target ROAS" for campaigns that received at least 15 conversions in the past 30 days.

To change the existing conversion settings, see "Change the Conversion Settings."

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