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Requirements for auto bidding settings

Auto Bidding type 'Target CPA' and 'Target ROAS' can be set for your advertising promotion meeting all of the following conditions. If any of the conditions is not fulfilled, it shows ‘not available’.

Required conditions

Required conditions for 'Maximize Conversions' and 'Target CPA'

  1. Conversion tracking must be set.
    *Conversions do not need to occur in the campaign if conversion tracking is set.
  2. Android is set as OS for Mobile App Download Campaign.

Required conditions for 'Target ROAS'

To set 'Target ROAS' all following conditions must be set. If any condition of the condition is not set 'Not_Available' will show in the 'Conv Auto Bid' item of the Campaign list page and 'Target ROAS' can't be set.

  1. Bidding for the campaign is 'individual CPC' or 'individual CPC (Enhanced CPC)': does not set ‘Auto Bidding for the campaign.
    Bidding setting on Campaigns
  2. Campaign Display Settings has been set as ‘On’.
    Change the Campaign Display Settings On or Off
  3. Android is set as OS for Mobile App Download Campaign.
  4. Each object campaign has more than 15 conversions in the last 30 days.
    *A campaign with more than 50 conversions in the last 30 days is recommended. To have conversions in the same rate with above for at least a few days is better.
If your campaign does not get actual conversion enough for 30 days after enabled Auto Bidding type 'Target ROAS', the accuracy of Auto Bidding will be reduced since the data cannot be collected enough for forecasting. In this case, ‘not available’ sign will not be displayed in the in the 'Conv Auto Bid' item of the Campaign list page. Auto bidding will not be available and the bidding type will be changed to ' Manual bidding: individual CPC', this means Auto bidding type is error.
  • There are cases where an error will show after setting a bidding type, but creating a new Portfolio bidding is complete.
  • The Auto Bidding types 'Target CPA' and 'Target ROAS' are recommended to enable for the campaign which constantly gets conversions.
When you have select any of 'Maximize Conversions',‘Target CPA’, ‘Target ROAS’ or ‘Enhanced CPC’, please make sure the following points.
  • Set one or more options of ‘for Auto Bidding’ as ‘Include’ for Conversion settings which is appropriate for the campaign.
  • If you set the option ‘for Auto Bidding’ as ‘Exclude’, the number of conversions of your ads may not increase or your ads may not be displayed for users, because of an accuracy issue on auto bidding.