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Billing Schedule for Credit Card Payment

When you made a payment by credit card, it will not immediately billed to your credit card company. 

After the accounting deadline on the end of every month, Yahoo! JAPAN Ads sends the bill to credit card companies around the middle of the following month. Then each credit card company process the billing based on their billing cycle.
Therefore, the actual withdrawal may be after a couple of months from making a payment.

<Sample case>
You made 11,000 JPY payment twice on April 5th and on April 13th with your credit card:
In the middle of May, the bill with the amount 22,000 JPY is sent to the card company.
And the billing details will be delivered to you as follows.

  • April 5th Yahoo! Business Service 11,000 JPY
  • April 13th Yahoo! Business Service 11,000 JPY

* The service name that appears on your invoices sent by the credit card company is printed as "Yahoo! Business Service".
* Please contact your credit card company if you need to know the exact date since the actual withdrawal will be scheduled by the billing cycle of each card company.

Billing transaction details on your accounts of Search Ads and Display Ads (YDN) is available on the menu "All Transactions" at the "Report" sub-tab on the Campaign Management Tool.
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