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Available items on each level of account

Items can be set on each level differs on Search Ads account, campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad.

See the figure for the details.

Available items on each level

ItemsAccountCampaignAd groupKeywordAd
Set schedule(Yes) *1Yes   
Set budget(Yes)
Monthly *1
Bidding Yes   
Bid  Yes  
Bid adjustment YesYes  
Geo targeting Yes   
Day of week / hours Yes   
Specify ad distribution Yes   
Ad display optimization  Yes  
Tracking URLYesYesYesYesYes
Custom parameters YesYesYesYes
Landing page URL   YesYes
Smartphone landing page URL   YesYes
Match type   Yes 
Negative keywords *3 YesYes  

*1: Available only for official agency

*2: When the bid is set for keywords individually, bid set on keywords are used to deliver ads.

*3: Can create and manage “Negative Keyword List” that binds multiple negative keywords.

See the following help topic for the details.
Negative Keyword List