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Search query report

The search query report shows which search terms (keywords) triggered your ads. 

  • Search query reports show the terms that the user searched for. For this reason, there may be differences from the actual values ​​on the list and other reports.
  • After February 1, 2022, you won't be able to download reports before August 31, 2020. If you need the data before August 31, 2020, download and save it before January 31, 2022. 
Search query report includes a report on Dynamic Ads for Search campaigns. You can check the details of the automatically created title and landing page URL on "Search Query Report (Dynamic Ads for Search)." Select it when creating a new performance report.

Create a search query report 

Learn how to create a search query report on the following help page: 
Create a performance report

Items on the search query report

You can find the following items on the search query report. 

  • Search Query: Terms that users used to search for information or products (search term).
  • SearchQueryMatch TypeMatch types applied to the search query appear. 
  • Impressions: The total number of impressions. 
  • Clicks: The total number of clicks of the ads.
  • Cost: The cost of ads.
  • Avg. CPC: The average cost per click.
To add more metrics, such as the number of conversions, click "Open Items" and select from "Optional."
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