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Search Query Report

The Search Query Report allows you to check which user's 'Search Query' (search term) was matched against your keyword to display your ads.

Search Query Report includes report on Dynamic Ads for Search campaigns. You can check the details of automatically created title and landing page URL on 'Search Query Report (DAS)'. Select it when creating a new performance report.

How to create Search Query Report
How to display the Search Query Report
How to review the Search Query Report

How to create Search Query Report 


Learn about how to create Search Query Report on the following help page.
Create a Performance Report


How to display the Search Query Report

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab in the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Report] tab.
  3. Click the "Display Report " link for the targeted search query report under the "Created Search Ads Report".

How to review the Search Query Report

You can find the following items on the Search Query report (when selecting the basic items)

The search queries on the report are terms that many internet users' searched.
After September 2020, if a search query that leads a click on your ad doesn't meet the conditions it won't appear in the report. As a result, the number of search queries may decrease.
  • Search Query:
    The phrase that the internet user inputs in the search window, also known as the search term, in order to search for information or products.
  • Match Type of Search Query:
    The item describes which match type applied to the search query when an ad was displayed. One of following items will be displayed.
    Exact Match:
    Ads are displayed when a registered keyword and the search term (the phrase entered by an internet user during search ) are Exact Match, including spacing and word order.
    Exact Match (Close Variants):
    Ads are displayed when the keyword and the search term (the phrase entered by an internet user) are Exact Match, as well as conversion errors, abbreviations, and misspellings of your Keywords. (See "Similar cases")
    Phrase Match:
    Ads are displayed if a phrase contained in the search term matches a registered keyword exactly, with the same word order. If the word order is switched around or another word/phrase is inserted between the words, ads are not displayed.
    Phrase Match (Close Variants):
    Match type when it is determined that a phrase that matches the added keyword was included in the search query, and it corresponds to "similar pattern" such as conversion error or abbreviation, difference in kanji / hiragana / katakana.
    Broad Match:
    Ads are displayed for Search Keywords that are synonymous with or related to Keyword.
  • Campaign Name : a name which identifies the Campaign.
  • Ad Group Name :a name which identifies the Ad Group.
  • Impressions :the total number of chances for ad display.
  • Clicks :the total number of clicks on the displayed Ads.
  • CTR :the ratio of the numbers of clicks to the impressions of the displayed Ads.
  • Cost : the cost of displaying Ads.
  • Avg. CPC : the average of cost per click.

See the following help topic to learn about optional items on report.
Optional Items on Reports