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Check the performance data of deleted Keywords, Ads and Ad Display Options

Performance data of deleted Keywords, Ads and Ad Display Options can be checked from the Ad Report, Keyword Report and Display Option Report from the [Reports] tab (not from the [Campaigns] tab).
The steps are as follows.

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Reports] tab.
  3. Click the [Performance Report] sub-tab. On the performance report screen displayed, click the [Create New Report].
  4. On the "1. Report Format", select 'Keyword Report' ('Ad Report' for checking ads, 'Ad Display Option Report' for checking Ad Display Options) from “Report Type” .
    *You can also select items to be displayed and reorder the items as well.
  5. Set the breakout, period, items, and filters in “2. Report Details.”
    *Select period that corresponds to the period when the keywords, ads or Ad Display Options were registered.
    *When selecting ‘Selected Campaigns’ or ‘Selected Ad Groups / Ads’ (Selected Ad Groups / Keywords in the case of Keyword Report), select the Campaign or Ad Group which the keyword or ad was registered in.
    *You cannot select items for Ad Display Options Report.
  6. Select the Create Option and File Format, and enter a Report Name in “3. Templates”, and click the [Create] button.

See details on the following page for the detailed procedures on how to create reports.
Create a Performance Report