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Daily Performance Report

You can check the daily performance data from the [Campaigns] tab or the [Reports] tab.

From the [Campaigns] tab:
From the [Reports] tab:

From the [Campaigns] tab:

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab from the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Campaigns] tab.
  3. Check that the right account is selected under [Select Account] in the left navigation panel.
    To change the account, click [Select Account] and select from the account list.
  4. Select either “Keyword”, “Ad”, “Ad Group”,“Campaign” or "Ad Display Option" from “Select Items” in the middle of the screen.
    *The items displayed can be selected after specifying the campaign or ad group from the “Navigation” on the left navigation panel.
  5. Click “Day” under “Display by”.
    *Daily data may not be displayed depending on the specified “Period”.

    From "Select Items Displayed", select "Ad Display Options" and select "Analytics" sub-tab.
    If you select "Day" from the "Display by", you can review the daily performance data of Ad Display Options. See more details of Ad Display Options on the following topics.
    What is Ad Display Options


From the [Reports] tab:
When creating a report, you can specify the report to breakout performance by day.
Select the [Daily] from the [Display by] pull-down menu. You can also select breakout options such as weekly, quarterly, yearly, specific day of week, devices, and ad distribution.

See details on the following page on how to create a report.
Create a Performance Report
Create a Performance Report (Applying Recommended Settings)

  • Available items will depend on the report type.
    A daily report can be selected from “Select Recommended Settings” while creating a report.
  • Report data will be appear in descending order of the top item on ‘Sort Items’.To sort by date, please download reports which you need and then sort them by date.
Recommended settings cannot be applied to the Ad Display Options Report.