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What is performance report

You can monitor the status of your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords (for Search Ads), etc. in the performance report. You can customize the levels, items, duration, etc. to view and analyze the performance. The performance report has more data that aren’t available on the campaign list.

Search Ads, Display Ads (YDN)

Select a report type and create a report.
Learn more about report types on Performance reports.

“Recommended Settings” is available to create a predefined report.

Display Ads (Auction)
For Display Ads (Auction), you can customize your report items by a drag-and-drop action.
You can create a reporting template quickly by using "Predefined" function that provides a suitable item list for each report such as "Basic report" and "Ad delivery URL report".
Learn more how to use "Predefined" feature on the topic "Use Predefined function" of the help page "Create Performance Report and Template".

  • You must have “Admin,” “Edit,“ or “Read-only“ access to create performance reports. Learn more about Manage account access.
  • Up to 30 templates per account.
  • You can save the report settings as a template. The system creates a report regularly using saved settings. You will receive an email when the report is ready.

See available actions in the performance report in the following section:

Search Ads & Display Ads (YDN)

Display, Delete and Download Performance Report you created
Edit Templates
Delete Report Templates 

Search Ads

Create a Performance Report
Create a Performance Report (Applying Recommended Settings)
Create Templates 

Display Ads (YDN)

Create a Performance Report
Create a Performance Report (Applying Recommended Settings) 
Create Templates 

Display Ads (Auction)

Create Performance Report and Template
Edit/remove template and reports