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Automatically optimize ad display

We provide ad display optimization, where the system automatically displays the ads with the highest performance (effect) if multiple ads are registered in an ad group. To attract customers efficiently (to increase CTR and conversion rate), it is preferred to display ads with high performance.
You can set Ad Rotation when you create a new ad group.

  • Create and edit setting of 'Ad Rotation' on campaign level has sunset on January 24, 2018. The 'Ad Rotation' setting feature became available on ad group level.
  • By the feature enhancement on September 25, 2017, ad rotation options 'Rotate Evenly for 90 Days (display ads evenly for 90 days):' and 'Optimize (display higher conversion rate ads)' have been disabled.
    If you had selected these options for your ads, the setting has been automatically migrated to new option 'Optimize' when your ad is delivered.
  • When you have set and applied Auto Bidding setting on campaign level, even if you select the option 'Rotate Evenly' on ad group level by Ad Rotation feature, 'Optimize' will be applied for your ad delivery.


Set Ad Rotation (How to optimize)

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Campaign] tab.
  3. From the campaign list in the navigation area on the left, click the campaign which includes the ad group to be edited settings.
  4. Click the ad group to be edited on Ad group list.
  5. Click 'Ad group Settings' on the right hand side of the screen.
    AdG Settings
  6. Click 'Edit Settings' on the Ad group Settings page.
  7. Click 'Option Setting (Ad Rotation)' in the Ad Rotation section, and edit the setting.
    When you select 'Optimize' option, the system will automatically select ads which can be expected higher performance. ('Optimize' is selected as default)
    When you select the option 'Rotate Evenly', ads will be displayed evenly, will not be optimized.
    *Actual ad delivery will be affected by various factors.
  8. When finished, click the [Save Changes] button.
You can set Ad Rotation when you create a new ad group.
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