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Search Ads' Campaign Management Tool

You can manage campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords in the "Campaigns" view.
You can take actions such as adding keywords or ads, updating bids or targeting options, or checking performance data or review status.

View "Campaigns"

  1. From the top bar, click "Search Ads."
  2. Click "Campaigns."

"Campaigns" view


(1) Navigation
Select an account, campaign, or ad group in the account. A list of the settings and performance data for the selected level (account, campaign, ad group) appears on the right side of the screen.
When you click [+] before the campaign name, ad group names in the campaign appear.

(2) The settings for the selected level (account, campaign, ad group) in (1) Navigation appear.
When you click "Account (or Campaign or Ad Group) Settings," you can check the details and change settings.
Items such as display settings (On/Off), account balance, campaign budget, etc. for each level are shown, and these items vary depending on which level you are selecting.

Learn more on the following pages:
Change Account Settings
Edit Campaign Settings
Edit Ad Group Settings

(3) Select Items
You can switch the content displayed as a list in (8) by [Keyword | Ad | Ad Group | Campaign].
Keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns in the selected level in (1) Navigation appear.
When the account is selected in (1) Navigation, all sub-tabs appear. When the campaign is selected, [Keyword | Ad | Ad Group] sub-tabs appear, and when an ad group is selected, [Keyword | Ad] sub-tabs appear.

(4) Ad Display Option
You can add more information to your ads (title, description, display URL, landing page URL). Available in campaign and ad group levels.
Learn more about What is Ad Display Option.

(5) Display Schedule
Select the target period for "Summary," "Graph," or "List."

(6) Performance data on the graph
You can select metrics from the drop-down menu and visually check data by clicks, impressions, total cost, graphs of the specified period, etc. Data appears is for the selected level in (1) Navigation.
Learn more about How to Browse Graphs.

(7) Buttons in the list
You can change the settings, switch the settings, add/delete items, download data, etc. shown in the list in (8) with these buttons.

(8) Campaigns, ad groups, keywords, the display settings (On/Off) and settings for ads, and performance data appear in a list.
By clicking the campaign name or ad group name, you can go to the list screen for the corresponding campaign or ad group. Except for performance data such as display settings, bids, and match types, you can change the corresponding settings by clicking the text.

  • Removed entities (ads, etc.) don't appear on the list of each element. To check the performance data for removed entities, create a performance report.
  • When "Today" for the "Period" is selected, the values on performance data may change depending on the number of impressions and clicks, etc.
    When you want to refer to the performance excluding the current day, either select "excluding Today" for the display period or check the performance report.
    Note that values on the performance report before the previous day may change due to the conversion tracking period, the number of invalid clicks, etc.
    Create a Performance Report
  • The "Total cost" amount on the list view doesn't include tax.

(9) Buttons
You can upload (creating campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads), check review status, edit campaigns in bulk, or select levels.

Switching the list of the campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword view

To switch information that appears in each list, use "Navigation."

  • From "Navigation" (1), select an account, campaign, or ad group.
To select an ad group, click the link for the corresponding campaign name or click [+] before, and the ad group names for that campaign appear.
  • Select the list you would like to check from the [Keyword | Ad | Ad Group | Campaign] sub-tabs in (2) "Select Items."

*The sub-tabs appear to vary depending on the level selected in "Navigation."

*Screen images are for illustration purposes only.

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