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Autobidding automatically adjusts bids depending on your campaign type and advertising goal.
The keyword bids are optimized based on past performance and future estimates while aiming for the goals set.
*The ad delivery results aren't guaranteed.

Autobidding types

Select the autobidding type depending on your goal. To learn more about each type, click the name of the autobidding type.

Goal Autobidding type Outline
Get more website traffic Maximize Clicks Maximize clicks within the budget
Get more conversions Maximize Conversions Maximize conversions by using the maximum campaign budget.
Get more conversions Enhanced CPC Maximize conversions by using the manually-set bid. The adjustment is based on the possibility of clicks to lead conversions.
Get more conversions while keeping the CPA Target CPA Maximize conversions by using the target CPA
Achieve target ROAS while considering the different value for each conversion Target ROAS Maximize conversions while keeping the average ROAS


Autobidding needs a certain time to learn. This learning makes the system effective in aiming the goal set. There are performance fluctuations while learning.
Measure the performance a long time after the learning is over because the accuracy of optimization can keep growing.

The learning period takes place in the following cases in addition to the timing you set a new autobidding.

  • When you change the autobidding or conversion settings
  • When you add new campaigns, ad groups, or keywords

Autobidding signals

Autobidding optimizes bids while considers signals (devices, locations, time, etc.) every time an ad auction takes place. Using real-time signals makes the autobidding more effective.

The signals used for autobidding

Internet user's device (PC, smartphone, tablet)

Internet user's physical location

Location intent
Locations that are included in the search term or internet users seem to be interested.

Weekday, time of day

Target list
Optimizes bids based on the target list created by advertisers and considers how recently a user was added to that list.

Ad characteristics
Considers the possibility of reaching conversions by each ad characteristic such as for smartphone apps, etc.

Internet user's browser

Internet user's OS

Search query
Internet user's texts that are actually used for the search

Apply bid adjustment rate for each targeting setting

When the autobidding is in use, some bid adjustments by targeting settings become unavailable (the targeting setting remains in use.)

_ Bid adjustment rate for each device
Geo targeting
bid adjustment rate
Day of week/hour
bid adjustment rate
Target list bid adjustment rate
Maximize Clicks available available unavailable available
Maximize Conversions unavailable
*The setting "Decrease by 100%" only works not to deliver ads to the specific device.
unavailable unavailable unavailable
Target CPA available
*Bid adjustment is applied to "Target CPA," not to the 'Bid'.
unavailable unavailable unavailable
Target ROAS unavailable
*The setting "Decrease by 100%" only works not to deliver ads to the specific device.
unavailable unavailable unavailable

How to use autobidding

The settings are different between "Standard bidding" and "Portfolio bidding."
Learn more details about Bidding setting on Campaigns.
To set portfolio bidding, see Create Portfolio bidding in advance.

The ad delivery using autobidding starts after applying the autobidding to your campaigns.

  • The keyword bid may not be available when you apply autobidding to your campaign.
  • Estimated keyword traffic isn't available when you apply autobidding to your campaign.
  • The ad group or keyword bid is temporarily applied instead of autobidding in the following cases:
    -When you edit ad group bid, keyword bid, or settings for the campaign that uses autobidding
    -When you turn off the ad delivery after editing and started ad delivery
  • When automatic bid is set, "Optimize" is applied on ad delivery, even if "Rotate Evenly" is selected on Ad Rotation settings.
  • "Maximize Conversions" is available for "Standard bidding" and not available for "Portfolio bidding."