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Change ad account settings

Use the following steps to change ad account settings.

Change ad account settings

  1. For Search Ads, click the "Search Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool > "Administration." 
    For Display Ads, click the "Display Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool > "Tools" at the top right > "Accounts" of "Account and access"
  2. From the account list, click the "Settings" button in the "Account settings" column.
  3. Account settings view appears, click the "Edit" button at the page top.
  4. Edit setting items and then click “Save.” 

You can edit the ad account settings from the following links.
■Search Ads account

■Display Ads account

Editable items

Ad account name

You can change ad account names. The ad account name has to be the same as the site owner as displayed on the website being advertised.


You can change the status of Search Ads and Display Ads.

  • On: Display your ads (If ad display status is turned off under the level of the campaign, ads will not be displayed)
  • Off: Pauses ad display

Website authentication

You can change the authentication ID and password for the editorial reviewer to use when browsing your website for review.


Your URL (Search Ads only)

You can change the URL you set when sign-up. Please make sure and change the URL as necessary.
Note that you can’t change the URLs (Display URL, Landing Page URL) set to the added ads even if you change the default URL. Since the added ad contents can’t be edited after saved, please add a new ad or remove the added ads as necessary.
Can I change the added ad creative (title, description, URL) after saved?
(*) On some accounts, changing default URL is unavailable.

Primary business contact

You can change the user (Yahoo! JAPAN business ID) to whom the email is sent. Notification emails, emails for campaigns, seminars, etc. will be sent.

If you want to specify a new user as the business contact (primary contact user), add the user first and then change the account setting information.
Learn more on the following pages:
Manage account access
Change employee registration information (Yahoo! Business Manager Help - Japanese version)
About notification email of Display Ads
  • On Display Ads account, you can receive email notifications “Account Balance is Low” (which is sent when your account balance is low)” when you check the “Receive email notifications” option. Also, note that it is not possible to receive the notification for “Account Balance is zero” on the Display Ads account.
  • For the Display Ads account, the following emails will always be sent regardless of whether the “Receive email notifications” option is checked.
    • Account notification email for Display Ads account
    • Notification email to notify that your ad became “removed” or “approved” again after editorial review
      *When your ad became “declined,” the notification email is not sent.

Learn more about the difference between “declined” and “removed” on “ Information on Editorial Status.”

URL option

On the URL option, you can set the items for ad measurement (tracking URL and custom parameter).
Learn more about details on the following help pages.
Tracking Information (Search Ads)
Tracking parameters (Display Ads)


The “Auto-tagging” adds the “YCLID” parameter to the URL of ads when clicked by internet users. It works when the tagging is “Set.” Some websites do not allow any URL parameter. Therefore an error may occur when “Auto-tagging” is set as “Set” for the website. Please ask the administrator of the website or test the behavior by clicking ads with “Auto-tagging: Set.”

In Display Ads, if you select a country other than "Japan" when creating an account, you can't use auto-tagging. Even if you install the complementary feature tag of conversion analytics, you can't complement the conversion tracking. 
For more details, see "Complementary feature for conversion analytics."

Measurement tag setting (Display Ads only)

After you check the checkbox “I agree with the Agreement on Handling of Measurement Data and use a measurement tag,” you will be able to use the script tag for measurement provided by our recommended tool partners. If you don’t use the measurement tag, please don’t check the checkbox above.
See also the following announcement.
Tracking with script tags provided by recommended partners

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