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How to Terminate your Account

You can terminate your account on 'Account Settings' page of Campaign Management Tool.

Termination can't be processed for about first 5 days of of each month. During this period, 'Terminate Account' on step 5 is not available.
  1. Login to Yahoo! JAPAN Business Manager with your 'Business ID' which has been authorized 'Admin' access to the tool.
    Campaign Management Tool login page

    *Business ID only with 'User' access to the tool is not allowed to terminate the account. Learn more about 
    roles in the following help page.
    Mechanism of User/Roles
  2. Click the 'Search Ads' tab / for YDN: 'YDN' tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  3. Click the 'Administration' tab.
  4. Click the 'Review' of the account to be terminated.
  5. Click 'Terminate Account' at the right bottom of Account Settings page.
  6. Confirm the account to be terminated on the 'Account Termination' page and click 'Next (Account Termination Form).'
  7. Enter/select required information and click the 'Review.'
  8. Confirm the entered information and click 'Submit.'

    After clicking the 'Submit', you will be brought back to the Campaign Management Tool. It may take a few minutes for the termination process.
  • After terminating the account, remove tracking tags such as for conversion analysis or Site Retargeting.
  • If you are using 'Yahoo! JAPAN Tag manager' on your account, unable the unnecessary tags with service tag management feature, or remove the universal tag from your website.
  • If you are creating performance report using templates, it will not stop by the account termination. Also the notice of creating the reports will keep sent to you if you set so. If you do not need them, delete template/change the settings.
    Delete Report Templates
    Edit Templates
    * For YDN, the creation of performance report and alert emails will stop 13 months after the account termination.



When you have remaining account balance, we will refund it. How it will be refunded is described on following help topic:
How to get a refund
If the estimated consumption tax had been deducted from your payment unused, we will refund it as well.

You need to contact us when you getting a refund on overseas bank account: you do not need to contact us when getting refund on credit card / domestic bank account. 


Refund schedule

If the termination request is received and the refund process is started by 6pm three business days prior to the final business day of the month (but not including the final business day of the month), the refund will be provided on the following month.

  • Transfer the Refund to Bank Account (for domestic advertisers with bank account in Japan)
    Account budget will be refunded to your registered refund bank account on the third Wednesday of the target month. If you are domestic advertiser and have bank account in Japan, please register it.
    How to Register and Change a Bank Account
    You need to contact us when you getting a refund on overseas bank account.
    When there are any issues in making the transfer to the refund bank account, the refund will not be provided as scheduled.

  • Refund transfer to credit card
    The timing of the refund will vary according to the credit card company.
    Please contact your credit card company for details.