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Account structure of Search Ads

Search Ads introduce the following component units for ad management, campaign, ad group, keyword, and ad.
Each component stands in the hierarchical structure, account is the highest level.
And they compose the layers as account > campaign > ad group > ad / keyword, top-to-bottom.

See the following related contents.

Account structure


The highest layer component on Yahoo! JAPAN Ads ad management. You need to set up each account for services, such as Search Ads.
Your company name, contact information and other user information are required for registration of each account, and account balance is controlled also by each account.

A Campaign is made up of one or more ad groups. Up to 100 campaigns can be created on one account. Following items are examples of items set on campaign level.

  • Campaign type (Select one from "Standard," "Dynamic Ads for Search," or "Mobile App Download.")
  • Campaign daily budget
  • Schedule
  • Targeting (geographic area, day of week/hours)
  • Bidding (auto or manual)
  • Negative keywords (not to display ads for a designated search query)

Please learn about details on the following topics.
Create Campaign (for Standard)
Create Campaign (Dynamic Ads for Search)
Create Campaign (for Mobile App Download)
Campaign Daily Budget
What is Targeting
Bidding setting on Campaigns
Negative Keywords

Ad group
An Ad Group is the component within a campaign.
A bid amount can be set by each ad group. The bid amount can be also set by keyword.
Negative keywords can be set on ad group level.
Please learn about details on the following page.
Create Ad Groups
Bidding and Bid setting on Ad Groups
Negative Keywords

An Ad refers to the ad copy which is displayed for a search result. An ad is made up of a Title, Description, Landing Page URL and Display URL.
Required entry items for creating ad depend which "campaign type" and "ad format" you selected for the campaign.
Please learn about each details on the following page.
Create your Ad (for PCs, Smartphones and Tablets)
Create your Ad (Dynamic Ads for Search)
Create your Ad (for Mobile App Download Ads)

  • If you add multiple ads under ad group, those ads will be optimized based on the setting of Ad Rotation for the ad group.
    Automatically optimize ad display
  • When delivering Dynamic Ads for Search, title, landing page URL, and display URL will not be needed: will be automatically set.
    • Title:
      automatically generated based on the contents (title and contents of the website) of "page URL" and search queries.
    • Landing Page URL:
      "Page URL" added as Page Feed for the campaign is used.
    • Display URL:
      automatically generated based on the landing page URL.
  • For an image of campaign management using the hierarchical structure, refer to Structure an easy operating account.

A Keyword is a word related to the products or services an advertiser wishes to promote. When internet users search with keyword which an advertiser has bid on (registered), corresponding ads to the keywords are displayed.
During the process of adding keywords, you are able to select match type (conditions of search query to display your ads for internet users).
Please learn about details on the following page.
Create Keywords
Match Type

Keywords are not needed when delivering Dynamic Ads for Search.

Hierarchical relation in account structure

Some of setting items on Search Ads are available for each component layer.
The setting of these items are applied to ad delivery under the following conditions.

featureUnit for setting
Bid- Standard
- Mobile App Download
ad group, keyword
- Dynamic Ads for SearchAd group, Targeting setting
Target value of Autobidding (*)campaign, ad group
Bid Adjustment for each devicecampaign, ad group

* For the campaign methods "Auto bidding : Target CPA" and "Auto bidding : Target ROAS", it becomes available to set individual target values ​​for the ad group. However, if “Target ROAS” is selected as the auto bidding method, the individual target value for the ad group is available only when selecting “Standard bidding.”

Following conditions for setting will be applied to the feature which can be set on multiple units are:

  • The settings on the upper layer will affect to the lower layer components.

    Tracking URL set for a campaign will be applied to ad group, ad and keyword under the campaign.

  • When you made made same setting item both for upper and lower components, the settings for the lower will be prioritized.
    If you select Auto bidding for ad group bid, the setting "Manual bid" enabled for campaign level will be ignored, "Auto" bidding will effect to the ad group level.
  • When the bid is set for the targeting setting in Dynamic Ads for Search ad group, it is used regardless of the bid set for the ad group.

Maximum limit of settings for each unit

The limit for the setting of campaign, ad group, ad, keyword are as follows.

ComponentMaximum limit
campaign100 campaigns for an account
ad group2000 ad groups for a campaign
ad50 ads for an ad group
  • Total number of keywords and the following entities: Up to 50,000 for an account
    ‐ Number of negative keywords set for ad group by “Negative Keyword Tool” feature
    ‐ Number of Setups, Target list to the ad group
    - Number of Target settings (allow, exclude) on Dynamic Ads for Search
  • Total number of keywords and the following entities: up to 2,000 for an ad group
    - Number of negative keywords by “Negative Keyword Tool” feature
    ‐ Number of setups, Target list to the ad group
    - Number of Target settings (allow, exclude) on Dynamic Ads for Search


  • When Account "A" has a single ad group (ad group "AA") and 1,500 keywords and 480 negative keywords have been already added on ad group "AA."
    > In this case, more 20 additional entities (total of keyword/negative keyword/setup Target List) are available for the ad group "AA."
  • When Account "B" has five ad groups and a total number of keywords, a total of 50,000 entities of keywords, negative keywords by the "Negative Keyword Tool" feature, a number of setups (target list to ad group) have been already added on these 5 ad groups.
    > In this case, it reaches the maximum number of entities, no more additional entity even if you create a new ad group "F" on the account.
Total number of available entities for account and lower component layers are described on the following help topic.
Entities for Account, Campaign, Ad group