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Campaign Management Tool structure

When you sign in to the Campaign Management Tool, the view of “Select account” will appear. First, select account to work.


When you are unsure of how to do something while performing an operation, click the “?" symbol displayed beside each item name.
If you wish to learn more about the operating instructions, click the Help Center link at the top right of the page.

Search Ads

On this tab, you can manage your Search Ads account.
The “Search Ads” tab has “Administration”, “Campaigns”, “Reports”, “Tools”, “Account Balance” and “Suggestions”.

(1) Administration
Account information on Search Ads can be managed on this tab.

(2) Campaigns
On this tab, you can manage ad creatives such as campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads. You can create, edit or delete ad creatives, as well as searching or checking your editorial status. You can click the left-hand navigation to display accounts, campaigns, and ad groups information (the navigation menu is expandable).
How to manage your ads of Search Ads

(3) Reports
On this tab, you can view your ad performance on Search Ads. The information available are a performance report, a monthly billing statement, billing transaction details, and all transactions, etc.,
What is performance report
Monthly statement (Monthly billing statement)
Transactions (Billing Transaction Details)
About documents page

(4) Tools
On this tab, you can choose a tool to run your ads on Search Ads.

(5) Account Balance
On this tab, you can view the payment settings, edit them, and make necessary payments.

(6) Suggestions
On this tab, suggestions that are likely to enhance the efficiency of your account operations and maximize ad display opportunities based on your ads to increase traffic for your account. Read these suggestions and consider using this feature for your account.

Display Ads

Manages Display Ads account. Learn more details on
Basic of Display Ads' campaign management tool


Configure and modify roles for users of Search Ads and Display Ads.
Learn more details on Manage account access

Support Tools

The tool “Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager” for Yahoo! JAPAN Ads are ready on "Support Tool" tab.
Learn more on “Yahoo!タグマネージャーでタグを管理する (Using Yahoo! Tag Manager to manage your tags) (Help pages in Japanese)

Fund Transfer

You can transfer the funds in the Search Ads and Display Ads accounts.
Check following help topic for the details.
Fund transfer across accounts

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