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Create labels

The steps below describe how to create labels for Search Ads labels feature on Campaign Editor.

When entering / editing on the Campaign Editor, the process completes by uploading and reflecting to the Campaign Management Tool.
Refer to the following page on how to upload data.
Upload Data

Create on the data area

  1. Click the [Common Library] tab.
  2. Click [Labels].
  3. Double click the blank space of the 'Label name' column in the label list.
  4. Label name (required) :
    Enter the name to set for the label. You can enter maximum of 80 characters.
  5. Label color :
    Set a color for the label in [Label color] You can specify the color by any of the following methods.
    • Double click [Label color] and enter HTML color code.
      (Example): #808080
    • Click [...] in the [Label color] column.
      Select the preferred color on the screen and click [OK].

      *This is an example screen on PC with Japanese language setting. 
      To select colors other than colors shown on the screen, you can create and choose the color in the pop-up window.
    Labels can be created without selecting colors.
    The label color will be white, #ffffff HTML color code, when no color is selected.
  6. Enter description.
    Enter the description of the label in the ‘Description’.
    You can enter maximum of 80 characters. This is optional.

Create by importing the file

  1. Create import CSV file with following contents.
    • Item name: Label name
      Enter the name to set for the label within 80 characters. This item is required.
    • Item name: Label color
      Enter the HTML color code only in single-byte alphanumeric characters.
      Example: #808080.
      When labels are set without item, the label color will be white, #ffffff in HTML color code.
    • Item name: Description
      Enter the description for the label within 200 characters. This item is optional.
      You can create labels without entering this item.
  2. Click [Common Library] tab in the Campaign Editor.
  3. Click ‘Labels’.
  4. Click ‘Import Label’.
  5. Click [Select], select the file created in step 1. Click [Preview].
  6. Confirm that the data created and item names match, and click the [Import Data] button.
  7. Click the [Submit] button.
  8. Click [Close] after ‘100% done’ is shown on the progress.
    The contents of CSV file created in step 1 will be displayed in the list of Labels.

After creating a label, set this to campaigns and ads, etc.
Refer to ‘Set / remove labels [Campaign Editor]’for details.