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Signup procedure

This help topic describes how to sign up with Yahoo! Ads.

  • After completing the signup process, a reconfirmation phone call may be made.
  • Your application may be declined based on our regulations.
  • Both Search Ads and Display Ads (YDN) accounts will be created by signing up.
  • Identity Verification may be required. Refer to "Identity Verification" for the details.
  1. Visit the signup page of Yahoo! Ads.
    If the above page is in Japanese:
    1) Click the red button in the middle to continue.

    2) On the next page, click the [English] button on the upper right corner to change the language setting.

    3) Although the following alert may appear in some cases, please continue the steps.
    "Your application has not been completed. The data entered so far will be discarded; do you wish to continue?"
  2. Enter the information required for signup.
    The field not entered will be colored in pink. If the error message in red letters is shown, follow it to re-enter.
    If you already have a Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID, click the [Login] button above the entry page and continue the procedure.
  3. Authentication using your phone number is requested after this step.
    -Enter your fixed phone number.

  4. Click [Confirm] button.
  5. Confirmation page will appear.
    Check the information entered. Then confirm the agreements and enable the checkboxes if you agree.
  6. Confirm descriptions of 'Authentication'.
    If you need to fix the email address or phone number, click 'Modify your application'.
    If it's OK, click [Apply (Next: Code Submission and Voice Guidance)].
    *For voice guidance authentication, click [Apply (Next: Send codes to the email address and phone number for authentication)].
  7. 'Authentication and password setup' will be displayed.
    Do not close this screen until you complete entering the codes and setting up the password.
    If you close it, the entered information will be deleted. And you need to start the signup process from the beginning.
  8. You will receive the email titled “Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID check code notification”.
    Copy the 6 digit email code in the email.

    • If you already have Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID, the email of code notification above won't be sent.
    • If you don't receive the email anywhere in your mailbox including the spam folder after a while, send the code again by clicking [Resend Yahoo! JAPAN business ID confirmation code e-mail] on the 'Authentication and password setup' screen that has been displaying since the step 7.
    • You may not be able to receive the email code due to your security setting. Please check your software, email server, etc.
  9. Paste the mail code copied on the previous step to the 'Email code' field.
  10. Voice / SMS code will be sent to your phone.
    Check the 5 digit number codes via a phone call / SMS.
    * When using voice guidance authentication, write down the 5 digits voice code informed via automated phone call.
    Enter the code on the 'Voice code' or 'SMS code' field that has been displaying from step 7.

    Depending on the contract plan of your smartphone or feature phone, receiving SMS code may require a communication charge.

    • If you are not receiving a phone call or SMS, click 'If you did not receive the “Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID voice guidance (or SMS code)' to try again.
    • The codes are valid for only 30 minutes. You can retry by clicking 'If you did not receive the “Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID voice guidance (or SMS code)' when 30 minutes had passed already.
  11. Enter the password on 'Password for Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID' on the 'Authentication and Set up Password' screen that has been displaying from step 7.
    Enter 'Password (confirm)' as well.

    The password for Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID must be between 6 to 32 character strings. Check 'Characters for Password' for more details.
  12. Click 'Authenticate' after filling out the email code and voice code (or SMS code).
  13. 'Thank you' message will be displayed and acquiring Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID and password setting complete.
    You will receive another email "Yahoo! JAPAN Business ID has been issued".
  14. You can continue to log in to the Campaign Management Tool.
    Click [Campaign Management Tool (Log in)] button.
  15. Enter the password set on step 11 and click [Login].
  16. Create ads and make a payment.