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Identity verification

We may ask for identity verification after you sign up with Yahoo! JAPAN Ads. This is to confirm the advertisers' information.

Identity verification is a process to confirm that the applier is existent with a valid address, phone number, etc. You must upload the images of the required documents. We may ask you to submit these images before and after delivering ads.

  • The document required for Identity verification varies depending on the business form and location (domestic or overseas) of the advertiser. Before you upload the images, see Identity Verification document.
  • Only the administrator can upload the document.
  • Uploading the images of documents is the only acceptable method. Other methods such as sending it by mail (including e-mail), fax are not acceptable.
  • Ad delivery may be declined even after submitting the Identity verification documents when we determine the ad contents don't meet our Guidelines.

    If you don't upload the document in 14 days, the service will be suspended. To activate your account, please contact us:
    Inquiry form

An email is sent to advertisers who need to process Identity Verification. Please check the email titled "(Yahoo! JAPAN Ads) Notification of Identification."


  1. Save the image of your document for Identity Verification on your PC after taking a photo or scanning. If you have trouble saving it, refer to the manual of the device you are using.
    • Max 4 MB per image file
    • Acceptable formats:
      JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP (JPEG2000 is not acceptable)
    • Images must be clear enough for the letters on the document to be read. Adjust the brightness and size.
    • When submitting a company document, images must have a business or company name, address, and date issued.
    • When the information required is listed in separate pages, upload all pages. You can upload up to three images per document.
    • When submitting a receipt for public utility charges, the issued date needs to be in the image.
  2. Check your information registered in Yahoo! business manager. The information in the verification document must match with your information registered. Vist Account Information and edit if needed.
    For business outside Japan:
    The registered user name must be the same as the name on the passport.
    For business in Japan:
    The registered organization name, address, and user information must match with the document.
  3. Vist "Introduction of Identification." 
  4. Confirm the description and click "To Upload Documents" at the bottom of the page.
  5. "Upload Identification Documents" will appear.
    Under "Basic Information," select the business location.
  6. On "Identification Document," click "browse" (button names may vary depending on the browser you use). Select the image for Identity Verification on Step 1. You can select up to three images per document.
    Click "Upload Image."
  7. "Submission of your Identification Document has been completed." will appear.

After uploading the document

It may take about three business days to check your uploaded images. You will find a message of accepting your Identity Verification document on the dashboard in the Campaign Management Tool.
When you applied to both of Search Ads and Display Ads, you will find the message from us at "Notifications" on the Campaign Management Tool for Display Ads.
Learn more about details of notifications on "Basic of Display Ads' campaign management tool".
You will receive the information via email when you applied to Search Ads only.

You will receive an email to the registered email address in the Business Manager when it's done. Check your email and if needed, re-submit the images.

The document you submit will be properly managed and stored following our Privacy Policy (available in Japanese). Note that we won't be able to delete the data we manage even if you request it.