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Example of Category and Text (Category Text)

To set Category Text, you first need to choose the Category that highlights the features and advantages of the product or service you are going to advertise. By writing the text along with the category you choose, you can lay out the features of your product or service and gain advantage over your competitor.
Check the types of category and the texts you can set for each category in the following table.

Category (JP) Category (EN) Contents that can be displayed Example of text Recommended indusctory and service
設備  Amenities Name of amenities that actually exist Swimming pools, restaurants, party halls, kitchens, restrooms, lavatories Real estate, Accomodation reservation
ブランド Brand Brand names Fashion labels, product brands Apparel, E-commerce site
コース  Course Name of curriculum Politics, psychology, history
marketing, business strategy, organization strategy
Schooling, Correspondence cource
学位プログラム Degree program Subjects Japanese literature, English literature,  Russian literature University, Support for studying abroad
到着地 Destination Geographical name and  tourist destination Tokyo tower, Sensouji temple, Sky tree
Barcelona, Madrid, Granada
Tourism, Accomodation, Field tour
おすすめのホテル Recommended hotels Name of hotels Name of hotels that actually exist Accomodation reservation
保険の保障 Insurance guarantee Type of insurance and what it guarantees Life insurance, perpetual insurance, cancer insurance
accident insurance,  travel insurance, earthquake insurance
Insurance business
モデル Models Specific model of a product Car model, product model (model type) Retail business, E-commerce site
周辺地域 Neighborhood area Area name more precise than prefecture or city, name of an administrative division of a large city Sapporo, Otaru, Hakodate Real estate, Tourism, Accomodation
サービス Service Specific name of a service Restaurant reservations, hotel reservations, taxi reservations
foot massage, chiropractics, lymphatic massage
Several services, Beauty salon, Chiropractic
番組 Programs Name of specific performance, TV  programs Name of stage performance, TV programs, radio programs Entertainment, Ticket agent
スタイル Style Style that describes the product or service Straight, slim, wide, cropped Apparel, E-commerce site
タイプ Type Type that describes the product Gas heater, electric heater, kerosene heater Retail business, E-commerce site
The names listed above are examples. Check the following guideline for more details.
Advertisement Editorial Guidelines 6.Category Text