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Ad Suggestions

On the [Suggestions] tab, you can check and apply the suggested optimizations made for your account.
These suggestions will enhance the efficiency of your account operations and maximize ad display opportunities.
Please check and consider using them for your account.

  • Suggestions will show ‘Estimated weekly result’, but that only shows estimations, not guaranteed performance results.
  • Suggestions will be updated everyday. We recommend that you check suggestions daily since you cannot see the suggestions in the past.
  • Because the suggestions will appear based on your account operations, nothing will be shown sometimes. Consider the following reasons if no suggestion appears.
    -There are no components such as campaigns or ad groups in your account.
    -Your ads have never been shown.
    -Your ads have just started showing.
    -Your account has already been optimized, thus no suggestions are needed (i.e. your ads were run enough times).

The following two types of suggestions are available:

Add new keywords
Increase a Campaign Daily Budget

Add new keywords

Suggests new keywords that are highly relevant to your products or services based on keywords you already have entered. By adding keywords, you can increase your chances of showing ads for users who are interested in your business, but have never seen your ads.

Increase a Campaign Daily Budget

Suggests that you increase your campaign daily budget. You can grow your chances of ad display and show your ads to more users by increasing the campaign budget to an appropriate amount.

See the help topic below for details of suggestions shown on the [Optimization] tab and how to utilize them.
How to use [Suggestions] tab