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Benefits of Dynamic Ads for Search and how it works

Dynamic Ads for Search are ads with the title automatically generated. They are delivered when searched with keywords highly relevant to the website contents you specified.  Dynamic Ads for Search will be a powerful tool for the advertisers with website that has abundant information, products and services.

Features and benefits of Dynamic Ads for Search
How Dynamic Ads for Search is delivered

Features and benefits of Dynamic Ads for Search

  • Maximize visitors to your website
    Dynamic Ads for Search automatically generates the title of ads that are highly relevant to the search term. The ads are more likely to be clicked, and will be effective.  In addition, the ads will be delivered to the keywords that you had not thought of. Therefore, you can deliver ads to wider range of users. This will bring more traffic to your website.
  • Less workload
    By selecting multiple websites to be promoted in advance, Dynamic Ads for Search selects the suitable website to the search term automatically. You will not have to create new ads every time your site is updated.
  • Flexible management
    You can either include the whole website or just a part of it for targeting.
  • Automatically update ads

    If the website of URL you added is updated, ad content will be also automatically updated.

How Dynamic Ads for Search is delivered

  1. Add Dynamic Ads for Search

    Use the Campaign Management Tool or Campaign Editor to add Dynamic Ads for Search.
  2. Crawl URL and acquire information

    The system crawls the web page under the domain set in the campaign or the web page specified by "Page URL" specified in the page feed.

  3. Deliver Ads

    Ads will be delivered when there is a high relevancy between a keyword searched (search query) and the webpages.
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