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What is Page Feed

Page Feed is the list of URLs of the website you want to target when you deliver Dynamic Ads for Search.

Page Feed is managed per campaign and connected with the campaign type ‘Dynamic Ads for Search’ for use.

When specifying a domain for campaign, page feed is not necessary. See below for details.
Specify "Entire domain" for ad delivery

Structure of Page Feed
Maximum number of Page Feeds you can register
How to check and update Page Feed
Editorial review of Page Feed
Connect your Page Feed with the campaign

Structure of Page Feed

Page Feed consists of ‘Domain’, ‘Page URL’ and ‘Custom Label’.

  • Domain
    Enter the domain of Page URL. Enter one domain for each page feed.
    Enter “” as domain name to register “” as your Page URL. 
    The string you enter in ‘Domain’ needs to match the domain name of the Page URL.
  • Page URL
    The page that will appear when the user clicks Dynamic Ads for Search.
    Up to total of 5,000,000 options per account, including Data lines in Page URLs for Dynamic Ads for Search and Data Auto Insertion List for Ad Customizer can be added.
    • You will receive an error at registration when the string you specified in ‘Domain’ and the domain of Page URL are different.
    • You cannot set tracking parameters for the Page URL. Check help topic below for tracking parameters.
      Tracking Parameters
  • Custom Label
    Use this label to specify a string when you want to group Page URLs. You can narrow down the web page that will appear from the Page URLs you registered in the Page Feed by specifying custom labels in ’Targeting setting’ set for ad group.
    For a custom label, enter less than 20 characters in lowercase alphanumeric letters/symbols or Japanese characters. You can enter up to 10 custom labels per Page URL.
    When the following Page URLs and custom labels are registered in the page feed
    Page URL Custom Label Service;Japan;IT Service;Japan;

    In the targeting setting, when you set ‘the same custom label as IT’, ' / 1.html' is set as a landing Page URL.

  • You can enter multiple Page Feeds by specifying the same ‘domain’ .
  • If the domain of Page URLs are different, you need to create a Page Feed per domain.

Maximum number of Page Feeds you can register

You can enter up to 60 Page Feeds per account.
When using Ad Display Option or Ad Customizer along with Dynamic Ads for Search, you can enter up to 60 Page Feeds in total.


Counted as one Page Feed per Data Auto Insertion List of Ad Customizer.


When using two Data Auto Insertion Lists of Ad Customizer, as well as ‘Call Extensions’ and ‘Callout’ of Ad Display Option, the maximum number of Page Feeds you can register will be:

  • Maximum number of Page Feeds you can register
    (Maximum registration number) - (Number of Ad Display Options & Data Auto Insertion Lists) = 56 page feeds (i.e. 60-4=56).

How to check and update Page Feed

Check the following help topic for how to check and update Page Feed.
Create Page Feed
Check and update Page Feed

Editorial review of Page Feed

The Page URL added to the Page Feed will be reviewed. It takes about 3 business days for editorial review. You can check the approval status in ‘Page Feed’ list in the [Tools] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
Editorial review may take more time than usual (3 business days) when a large number of Page URLs are added in an account. You can start delivering Page URLs whose crawling has completed as it will be performed for each URL.
Check the following help topic for how to check approval status.
Check editorial status for Page Feed

Set page feed to a campaign

The created page feed is used by setting it for the campaign of the campaign type "Dynamic search linked advertising campaign". It can be set when creating a campaign or when editing.
When the domain of page feeds matches, up to 60 page feeds can be set for each campaign.
Check the following help topics.
Create Campaign (Dynamic Ads for Search)
Edit Campaign Settings