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Search query report (Dynamic Ads for Search)

The search query report (Dynamic Ads for Search) shows_which search terms (keywords) triggered your ads in_Dynamic Ads for Search. You can check auto-generated titles and landing page URLs.

  • Search query reports show only the terms that many users searched for. For this reason, there may be differences from the actual values ​​on the list and other reports.
  • The data of the search query data before August 31, 2020 that was not judged to have been searched by many users will be discontinued within the period from February 1 to 28, 2022.
Use the search query report to check which search query (search term) triggered your ads for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and mobile app download. See the following page for more details:
Search query report

Create a search query report (Dynamic Ads for Search)

You can find a search query report (Dynamic Ads for Display) in the report type when you create a performance report.
Learn how to create a performance report on the following help page:
Create a performance report

  • To check the URL set as the final URL in the report, select the checkbox of "URL" in the options.
  • To display items such as conversions and "Title auto created," "URL," such as URL set for final URL, click "Open Items" and select the optional items.
    Learn more about "Optional Items on Reports."

Items on a search query report (Dynamic Ads for Search)

You can find the following items on the search query report for Dynamic Ads for Search.

  • Search Query: Terms that users used to search for information or products (search term).
  • Impressions: The_total number of impressions.
  • Clicks: The total number of clicks of the ads.
  • CTR: Percentage of ad clicks relative to impressions
  • Cost:_The cost of ads.
  • Avg. CPC: the average cost per click.


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