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Check editorial status for Page Feed

If the Page URLs you have registered in the Page Feed is declined, you can check the reject reasons.

Each page URL you registered in the Page Feed will be reviewed. When at least one of your Page URLs has passed editorial review your ad can be displayed based on that URL even if some of the Page URLs registered in the Page Feed are rejected.
To run Dynamic Ads for Search, you need to create a campaign, ad group, and ad for Dynamic Ads for Search whose editorial review has completed.

Display the details of Page Feed editorial status

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the account name in the ‘Account List’.
  3. 「Click the arrow (▼) on the [Tools] tab, then click 'Page Feed' in the pull-down menu.
    Or, click the [Tools] tab, then click 'Page Feed' in the 'Tools' screen.
  4. Click the name of the Page Feed that you want to check approval status.
  5. The ‘Page URL‘ screen will appear. You can check the list of Page URLs and custom labels you registered in the Page Feed, and also check the approval status of the Page URLs.

    For the Page URL with editorial status ‘Declined’ click the balloon next to ‘Declined’ to check the reject reasons.

To resubmit a request for the page feed, see the page below.
Resubmit Page Feed