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About Page Feed screen

On the Page Feed screen, you can create page feeds for Dynamic Ads for Search, check their approval status, and manage them.

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the account name in the ‘Account List’.
  3. Click the arrow (▼) on the [Tools] tab, then click 'Page Feed' in the pull-down menu.
    Or, click the [Tools] tab, then click 'Page Feed' in the 'Tools' screen.
  4. The Page Feed screen will appear.

    <Items displayed on Page Feed screen>

    1. Page Feed name
      The Page Feed name created is displayed. By clicking the Page Feed name, you can check the Page URL and custom label.
    2. Domain
      The domain you added as Page Feed is displayed.
    3. Page Feeds
      When you click [Page Feeds], a pull-down menu will appear. You can upload the data for Page Feed (Page URL, Custom Label) or download the latest data.

      • Jobs: Check download and upload history.
      • Upload: You can add, update or resubmit the Page URL.
      • Download: You can download the Page URL added as well as custom label list in CSV format.
    4. URLs
      The number of Page URLs added.
    5. Approved
      The number of approved Page URLs is displayed.
    6. Pending: Review
      The number of Page URLs under editorial review is displayed.
    7. Rejected
      The number of Page URLs rejected by the editorial review is displayed.
    8. Page Feed ID
      A unique ID provided for each Page Feed.