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Create Page Feed

Page feed is a list of website URL information to be promoted when delivering Dynamic Ads for Search. The steps below describe how to create Page Feed.

  • You cannot add Page URLs with different domains in one Page Feed. To add multiple domains as Page Feed, create a Page Feed for each domain.
  • You cannot set tracking parameters for a Page URL. Check help topic below for tracking parameters.
    Tracking Parameters
  • The added Page URL will be reviewed. It may take about 3 business days for the editorial review. You can check the approval status in ‘Page Feed’ list in the [Tools] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
    When a large number of Page URLs are added in an account editorial review may take more time than usual (3 business days) .
  • Check the following help topic for the details of Dynamic Ads for Search and page feed.
    What is Dynamic Ads for Search
    What is Page Feed
  • You can start delivering Page URLs whose editorial review has completed as the review will be performed for each URL.

See the following help topic on how to check the approval status of Page Feed.
Check editorial status for Page Feed

How to create Page Feed

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the account name in the ‘Account List’.
  3. Click the arrow (▼) on the “Tools” tab, then click “Page Feed” in the pull-down menu.
    Or, click the “Tools” tab, then click “Page Feed” in the "Tools" screen.
  4. Click the [Add Page Feed] button.
  5. Enter the Page Feed name in the the [Add Page Feed] screen.

    • You cannot change the Page Feed name after clicking the [Create] button.
    • You cannot use duplicated names for the Page Feed. Deleted or declined names are included.
    • You cannot use single-byte semicolon (;).
    • The same name with 'Data Auto Insertion List' for Ad Customizer can't be used as Page Feed name.
  6. Enter the domain.
    Enter the Page URL domain to be specified later.
  7. Click the [Create] button.
  8. The Page Feed name you created will be added to the Page Feed List. Click [Page Feeds] in newly added row and select ‘Upload’ from the pull-down menu.
  9. ‘Upload Page Feed’ will appear. Check ‘Page Feed name’ is correct. Also check ‘Upload type’ is ‘Add / Replace’.
  10. Click the [Reference] button in ‘Select a file’.
    The template is available on ‘Download Page Feed Template’ when uploading the Page URLs.

    *When you use the file downloaded from 'Download Page Feed Template (TSV)', you can leave the 'Update Action' column empty.
  11. Click the [Upload] button.
  12. The uploaded list will appear. Check that the Page Feed has been successfully uploaded.
    • Once the upload has completed, ‘Completed’ will be displayed in the ‘Upload Status’.
    • If the upload failed due to false Page URL, ‘Please confirm CSV file of error list.’ will be displayed in the ‘Upload Status.’ Click ‘Download (CSV)’ in the ‘Errors’ to check.