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Check Targeting Setting

The steps below describe how to check the targeting setting you created.

How to check targeting setting

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the account name in the ‘Account List’.
  3. Click [Targeting] , then click ‘Targeting setting’.
  4. A list of ‘Targeting setting (Allow)’ will be displayed. To check ‘Targeting setting (Exclude)’, click ‘Targeting setting (Exclude) list’.

You can check the ratio of pages under the domain that becomes deliverable with Targeting setting in 'Coverage.'
Click 'Display' and add 'Coverage' from 'Edit Items Displayed.' The value shows in %.
You can also check some sample URLs of where the ads will be delivered under the target setting. Click the balloon icon on the left side of the value.
*For Targeting setting (Exclude) the percentage and samples of the URLs to exclude will show.

It may take a few days to calculate the coverage after creating a target setting, restarting ad delivery and adding page URLs. Also the value of coverage may show as '0.00' fir websites with many pages. coverage will show as '-' for the following cases.

  • No match to targeting setting
  • When before calculating the coverage, such as right after creating a targeting setting
  • The ad delivery status is 'Off'

Learn how to edit display items in [Display] button in the list.