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Monthly automatic charge

When you use the automatic payment using the credit card, “Monthly automatic charge” is available. The monthly automatic charge makes a payment with the specified amount on the first day of every month.

The ordinally automatic payment makes a payment when your account balance is low, and you may find the advertising cost more expensive than you expected (depends on your settings and clicks).
The monthly automatic payment runs only once a month, and you won't find unexpected advertising costs.

You can manage your ads without spending too much money. You can additionally make manual payments if the account balance is too low to run ads.

The monthly automatic charge is recommended for the following advertisers:

  • When you just started Yahoo! JAPAN Ads and not sure about the costs
  • When you want to manage ads with the specified amount.

What is the difference?

Ordinally "Automatic payment"

The automatic payment runs when the account balance gets low.
There is no limit for the number of payments made, therefore more expensive costs than you expected may be charged to your credit card.
Automatic payment works when you don't miss any chance of ad delivery.

Monthly automatic charge

Monthly automatic charge makes a payment with the specified amount once at the first day of each month. 
It is recommended for advertisers who want to manage ads with the limited budget.


You can always make manual payments. Learn more about Manual Payment by Credit Card.

Set monthly automatic charge

  1. For Search Ads: From the top bar, click Search Ads>Account Balance.
    For Display Ads: From the top bar, click Tools>Payments.
  2. Check that your credit card information appears in the "Credit card" section.
    If you don't see your credit card information, see Payment method and procedure (domestic wire transfer/credit card) and add your credit card.
  3. In the "Automatic charge" field, select "Monthly automatic charge" and enter the amount.
    Enter from 3,000 JPY in thousand increments.


    The consumption tax is added automatically, but the overseas accounts will have all amounts as your account balance.

  4. Read the note, select the checkbox, and click "Continue." 
  5. Confirm the account to make a payment. Select the checkbox and click "Save."

    • The monthly automatic charge won't run when the account is turned off.
    • The monthly automatic charge won't run when the account balance is more than the set amount at 12 AM on the first day of the month.
    • You can change the set amount anytime. The amount set at 11:59 PM on the last day of the month will be charged on the first day of the next month.
      The monthly automatic charge won't run until the first day of the month comes. When you need to add the account immediately, use the manual payment.
      May 20: set 50,000 JPY
      May 31: changed to 30,000 JPY
      => 30,000 JPY will be charged on June 1
    • From 12 to 7 AM on the first day of the month, you can't make a new monthly charge setting, remove the setting, change the amount, or change to automatic payment.
      Manual payment and a new automatic charge setting are available.
    • Users who have administrator access can set and edit the payment method. "Edit" and "Read-only" users won't see "Account Balance."
      To change the account access, add a user and give administrator access first. Check the new user can use the "Account Balance" tab, and remove or change the previous access. Learn more details in the following pages:
      Change the Primary Contact
      Change or remove access to invited users
    • You will receive an email if the credit card payment isn't made. For Display Ads account, such notifications can be checked at "Notifications" on the Campaign Management Tool. Note that the system won't automatically make the payment again, so make a payment manually. Contact your credit card company for the reason why you couldn't make a payment. We may not able to help you when you contact us because the credit card information is your privacy that we can't reach.
    To change the automatic charge amount, see How to Change Automatic Charge Amount.

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