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Create Ad Display Option (Category Text)

The Category Text is a service that you can add Category and Text at the bottom of the ad.
This service allows you to easily highlight the difference from other competitors by displaying the Category or Text matching to your targeting product or service. In addition, you can expect a higher CTR by adding optional information to the ad.

Category Text sample:

Sample: Displaying Category Text and other Ad Display Option
category text sample image

Category Text v.s. Callout
Create Category Text

Category Text v.s. Callout

Category Text and Callout are able to add information text at the bottom of your ads, however there are some differences as follows. Please consider which option is better for your marketing promotion.
You are able to both of Category Text and Callout at the same time on your ad by setup Category Text and Callout to the same ad group.


Measure characteristics


Category Text

Displaying the designated text for each category, Category Text compares your products with those of a rival and raise your advantage.

Three or more text are required for a category.


Displaying the designated text to tell original information on your ads.

Single symbol character can be included in the text.

Learn more about 'Callout' on the help page below.
Create Ad Display Options (Callout)

Follow the steps below to create Category Text
See pages below for the summary of Category Text and the procedure for creating other options.
What is 'Ad Display Option'

  • If the Category is garbled, install Japanese fonts to your computer and try again.
  • The Category is available only in Japanese.
  • Check the following topic for details on Category and texts you can set.
    Example of Category and Text (Category Text)

Create Category Text

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Administration] tab.
  3. From the Account List, click the account name to create your Category Text.
  4. Click the `Disp.Option` from `Select Items`, then select `Category Text` from the pulldown menu of [Ad Display Option Type].
  5. Click the [Option List] sub-tab, then click the [+Create Options] button. In the menu displayed, click `Create one` to add one option or click ‘Create in bulk’ to add multiple options at a time.
  6. For details about creating one or multiple options at a time, see the steps below in this page.

< Create One >

  1. Click the 'Category' pulldown menu, then select the category that matches the targeting product or service.
    You can select from 13 categories such as amenity, brand, course, etc. Choose the most suitable category for the product or service.
  2. Enter your favorite words or phrases in the 'Text' field.
    The text you entered will be displayed together with the Category.
    Up to 25 characters are available (counts full and half width kana as 2 characters, and half-width alphanumeric as a character).
    You need to enter at least 3 texts. You can add up to 10 texts by clicking the [Add] button.
  3. If you want your ad displayed on the smartphone, enable the checkbox of 'Display to Smartphone preferentially'.
  4. From 'Schedule' you can select the distribution schedule for the Category Text you are creating.
    By default, 'Do not set' is selected for both Start Date and End Date.
    To set the distribution period, click 'Option'. On the page displayed, click the radio button for start date or end date, then select the date you want to set.
    Enter the date in `yyyy/mm/dd’ format (4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day separated by slash (/)) in alphanumeric characters or click the calendar icon, then click the date you want on the calendar. Note that you cannot set up past dates.
  5. In 'Day of week / Hours' you can set the day of week or hours you want to distribute the category text.
    By default, 'Do not set (display at all times)' is selected.
    To set the date, click 'Set'. On the page displayed, click the [Add New Setting] button or click the day of the week you want to set. Once the setting page is displayed on the left, specify the day of week (multiple selection enabled) or hours you want to set, then click the [OK] button. You can select multiple hours (up to 6 different hours per day of week).
    To remove the setting, click [Delete] on the selection.
    Once the setup has completed, the day of week/hours when the ad is distributed is shown in blue while the day of week/hours when the ad is Not distributed is shown in white in the field on the right.
  6. Once you finish the entry, click the [Create] button.
If you have set the distribution period (start date and end date) or the day of the week / hours for the campaign, the ad will only be distributed for the period or the day of week / hours that has the same settings as the Category Text.

< In Bulk >

  1. Follow the steps below and enter necessary setting items separated by tabs.
    You can skip (no setup) the items other than Category and Texts 1-3, but you need to enter tabs instead. You can enter up to 200 tabs each time.

      Item name Specification in detail
    Category Text

    Enter one of the following. The texts other than the following will not be recognized as Category Type.
    [Entry Specification]
    Amenity, Brand, Course, Degree Program, Destination, Featured Hotel, Insurance Coverage, Model, Surrounding Area, Service, Program, Style, Type

    Text 1 Enter the text that should follow the Category. Up to 25 characters are available (Counts full and half width kana as 2 characters, and half-width alphanumeric as a character).
    You must enter texts 1-3, but can skip after text 4.
     3 Text 2
    Text 3
    Text 4
    Text 5
    Text 6
    Text 7
    Text 8
    10 Text 9


    Text 10
    12 Focus Device Enter 'Smartphone' to prioritize the text to be displayed on the smartphone.
    If there is no priority, keep it blank or enter 'no priority'.
    13 Start Date Enter 'yyyy/mm/dd' format (4-digit year, 2-digit month, 2-digit day separated by slash (/)) in alphanumeric characters.
    2018/4/25 (for April 25, 2018)
    2020/10/20 (for October 20, 2020)
    14 End Date
    15 Day of Week / Hours

    Enter the day of week / hours in alphanumeric characters in the format below.
    Day of week: Enter in English; capitalize the first letter
    Hours: 24 hours, every 15 minutes

    Specify Day of Week / Hours as follows: If there are several entries, separate them using semicolon (;).
    (Day of week [Start time - End time]);(Day of week [Start time - End time]);

    How to use tabs
    • To set all items:
      Category (tab) Text1 (tab) Text 2(tab)Text 3(tab)Text4(tab)Text5(tab)Text6(tab)Text7(tab)Text 8(Text)Text9(tab)Text10(tab)Priorized device(tab)Start date(tab)End date (tab) Day of week/Hours
      Course Marketing _______ Management Strategy__ Organization Strategy__ Finance____________ Quantitative analysis____________ International Business ____________ Human Resource Management __________ Brand Strategy____________ Media Overview____________ Business Management Smartphone_____ 2018/04/25_____________ 2019/03/31_______ (Monday[9:00-18:00]);(Tuesday[10:45-18:00])
    • Do not set optional items (e.x. texts 4-10 and the end date should not be set):
      Category (tab) Text 1(tab) Text 2(tab)Text 3 (tab) (tab) (tab) (tab) (tab) (tab) (tab) (tab) Prioritized Device (tab) (tab)(tab) Day of week/Hours
      Course Marketing_________ Management Strategy__ Organization Strategy______________________________ _____________ _________________________________________ Smartphone_____ 2018/4/25_______________________ (Saturday[19:15-23:45]);(Sunday[19:45-23:00])
      *Use a tab to separate items instead of a space.
  2. Click the [Create] button.
To display created Category Text, setup to campaign or ad group is required.
Learn more details on following help topic.
Setup of Ad Display Option