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Why ads may not distributed

Several reasons can cause your ad not being distributed. To identify the reason, start with 'Display Status' in the list of each level.
If the ad is not paused on ad level, check the status of higher levels such as ad group, campaign, and account.

Check display status
About 'Display Status'
Possible reasons of 'Display Status' being 'Paused'

Check display status

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab of the Campaign Management Tool
  2. Click the [Campaigns] tab.
  3. On 'Select Items' in the middle of the page, click the sub tab (example: keyword, ad)
  4. Check 'Display Status' in the list.

About 'Display Status'

When the component is not distributed, 'Display Status' indicates the reason. When the component is available for distribution, nothing is shown.

Possible reasons of 'Display Status' being 'Paused'

1.Display settings turned off

Turn on the 'Display Settings' of each component. Here is how to change the settings on each level.

Change the Campaign Display Settings On or Off
Change the Ad Group Display Settings On or Off
Change Ad Display Settings On or Off
Change the Keyword Display Settings On or Off

The reason shown on ‘Display Status' is the status of higher level except the account level. For example, if the display settings of campaign and ad group levels are 'Off', the ‘Display Status' of both levels will be shown as “Paused : (Campaign Offline)”. If display setting of account is 'Off', an alert will be shown on the top of the screen.

2. Ads are not shown due to daily spending limit of the campaign

The Campaign daily budget is an estimated amount. Depending on the traffic and the settings, the actual cost may be below or exceed the budget. The refunds caused by exceeding the budget is not guaranteed.

Refer the following help topics to change the budget and display setting.
Edit Settings from Campaign List

3. Other reasons

Ad may not distributed because of:
- Keyword/Ad is declined/removed by the editorial review.
- Account balance is none/low.

How to Check the Account Balance
Check the review status of keywords and ads

If you have just created an account, it may not be activated yet.
Please check the email from us and take needed action.