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Filtering Feature

Filter function is used to narrow down and display data meeting specific condition.
For example, you can extract the data which have value above (or below) by setting the threshold value. You can also narrow down the list with specific term, ID or other conditions.

Filter function is available on each list such as campaign, ad group.

  • Up to five conditions can be used for one filter. In one filter condition, identical conditions can't be set.
  • Up to 10 sets of filters can be saved. You can check the data in different point of view by switching the filter conditions.

Setting filter conditions

  1. Click the [Search Ads] tab / for YDN: "Display Ads" tab of the Campaign Management Tool.
  2. Click the [Campaigns] tab.
  3. On 'Select Items' in the middle of the page, click the tab of the level such as campaign, ad group to be displayed.
    When you filter ads/keywords on specific campaign/ad group level, click its name on the left 'Navigation' on the Campaign Management Tool and click sub tabs.
  4. Click the [Filter] button in the center of the screen.
  5. Click "Edit Filters".
  6. Select filter condition from the pulldown menu.
    • Enter value or name depending on the item selected.
    • Select the conditions such as 'contains', 'not including', 'equals', 'start with', 'end with'.
    • When setting multiple conditions, click the "add item".
    • When deleting a condition, click "delete".
  7. Click the [Apply] button to show filtered components.
  8. To save the created filter condition, select "Give a name and save" checkbox and enter filter name as needed, then click the [Apply] button.
When the 'Labels' is selected as filter condition, it may take time to display or an error may occur if many ads and keywords matches the condition. In this case try the followings:
  • Add filter conditions
  • Use filtering in Campaign Editor
  • Download components and check the download file
  • Saved filter condition is displayed by clicking the [Filter] button.
  • To remove the filter, click [Cancel] in blue line.
  • To add more condition to the filter set, click [Change Filters] in blue line, then click [Add Items].