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About tags for site retargeting

When using site retargeting that delivers ads to past website visitors, you must install "site retargeting tags" on your website.
This page describes details of tags required for site retargeting settings.

Required tags for site retargeting
About renewed tags
Before using renewed tags

Required tags for site retargeting

Install new site retargeting tags:

We recommend installing updated site general tags/site retargeting tags.

If you have already installed previous site retargeting tags on your website:

You can still use the same site retargeting tags.

You don't have to replace previous tags with updated ones.
Note that the new conversion tag format avoids the impact of different browser environments. We recommend replacing it if you have the chance.

About the updated tags

Site general tag, site retargeting tag

  • Differences from the previous version
    Using the previous version of the site retargeting tag, it may not be possible to properly accumulate a website visit history due to the browser environment and other factors. The updated version is in a new format that is less susceptible to these effects and enables more accurate site retargeting.

  • A single tag also works as a "site general tag."
    This tag includes a site general tag feature, so you don't have to install additional site general tags.

Before using renewed tags

Installation of the tag

  • When installing the updated site general tag/site retargeting tag on the website where the previous version of the tag was installed, we recommend removing the previous tag before installing the new one.

  • We recommend that you install the updated site general tag/site retargeting tag on all of the site's pages.

  • If you already installed the previous version of the tag on your website, we recommend installing a new site general tag/site retargeting tag when you add a new page to your website.

How to view the installed site general tag/site retargeting tag

You can view the updated tag installed on your website by following the steps:

Steps (for Search Ads
  1. Click “Tools,” then select “Target Lists.”
  2. Click “View Tag.”
  3. Click “New.”
Steps (for Display Ad)
  1. From the upper right corner, click “Tools.” Then From “Common library”, select “Audience lists.”
  2. From the sidebar menu, click "Audience source."
  3. Click “View tag and ID.”

    You can view the updated tag using the Campaign Management Tool for Display Ads.

Where you install the tag:

Install the tag just before the "</body>" tag on all your web pages.

Installation sample


<Site general tag, complementary feature tag of conversion analytics>

Learn more about “Site general tag.”

Implementation using Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager is also available. Learn more about Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager on the following help page:
Manage tags by Yahoo! JAPAN Tag Manager (in Japanese edition)

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